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Overpromise and Underdeliver July 18, 2009

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I feel like I’m doing just that as far as blogging goes, especially since I’ve been so busy with class. I’ve been doing homework, studying, reading, tweeting…those are the MAIN things that I do.

I’m going to yearbook camp next weekend, but I may have Internet access daily there and may still be able to tweet. As far as blogging goes…well, it’ll be a little “sporadic”. 😛 Not that that’s uncommon, as most of you know, but I won’t even be trying to post weekly. I’m hoping to post at least three times a month until class slows, I get APUSH done, and my schedule isn’t so hectic and busy. That won’t be until probably the last week or two of August.

In the meantime, in between homework, studying, reading, and tweeting, I’m going to do some major blog maintenance (now that, I have been doing 🙂 , though it’s been pretty unnoticeable; it’s not anything dramatic, but I’ve been starting a different tag system, since tags have been bugging me for a bit now), writing stuff, making Survey Monkey surveys, and…

I’m going to ask you guys a favor.

This: speaking of surveys, what do you think I can improve while I “maintain” my blogs?

Okay. If you don’t want to answer that (and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t), is anyone here interested in doing a guest blog either on here or on Butterfly Forest? And if you’re thinking, “But Butterfly Forest is like…dead,” I must contradict you. I’m planning (and this, I also am not overpromising) on trying to expand my blog so that I don’t get “occasional” readers.

Speaking of which, stop on over at Butterfly Forest. I’m putting up some new posts, and they’re like update thingies. Quite fun, I must say, and decreases the massive space in between reviews. 😛



Just a “Nota Bene” June 7, 2009

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I love Google Reader. But not Blogger so much. And it’s just irritating when the two are combined. So. I just want to let those of you who use Blogger to make sure you guys don’t totally freak out and get ticked off with me just because I happened to be your only follower (or one of your few followers) and all of a sudden I’m not following you.

I stopped using Blogger’s “follower” system for the reason of it combining with Google Reader. Like I said, it’s annoying and irritating. And I just labeled all my blogs (stuff like “Friends’ Blogs”, “Author Blogs”, et cetera), so it’s equally more annoying when not all of your blogs are under “Blogs I’m Following” when, technically, I’m following all of them. I read them all, which is the same as following. But Blogger doesn’t think so.

So now I’m just unfollowing all the blogs Blogger says I’m following. Plus, I lost track of all the blogs I forgot to label as “following” on Blogger. It’s just easier to make things simple. HA.

Another thing: I really, really, really want to subscribe and read more book review blogs. Any suggestions from you guys? Also, if you know of any great Jane Austen blogs, I would love to know about them. Please give me a URL!

Last thing before I wrap up: take the poll below! I really want to know your opinion.


P.S. Remind me to tell you guys about the new swoonable fictional guy I met… 😉

Um…hi? June 5, 2009

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I know I haven’t blogged in forever. I missed blogging. I even wrote a whole body copy thingy-ma-bobber on it for yearbook. I feel like such a hypocrite; I almost made it seem like I “forgot” about my blog (which I didn’t, just so you know), and I went around parading about the glories of blogging and begged wonderful people for surveys. And I bugged you all. Massivly. So. With that said, I want to give a huge

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

to everyone who helped. Because you all seriously rock. Not only because you are all so literary, but because you’ve been so supportive and thoughtful to help me out. 😀 A few honorable mentions:

Miss Clark, for spreading the word about the survey and collecting votes to me. You’ve been such big help!

Wisdom of Youth, for forwarding my messages about the survey to your friends! Whether you read this or not, I truly appreciate it. Your friends have been sending me e-mails. 😀

Chloe, for being my main “feedback-giver” throughout the whole process! You may not get to read this, but thanks so much, chica. I don’t know what I would have done without your thoughts and opinions. (Chloe pretty much saw the “evolution” of my spread from the time it was a blank page to its current, almost-finished state. 🙂 ) Also, special thanks to Juvelyn, who occasionally helped with my spread.

All the lovely ladies who did the surveys where you actually had to write down responses. Priya, Maya, Spider, Anilee, Ina-chan, Danielle, Faith, Delaney, anime, Erin, and Ashlee, you girls are AWESOME. But you should know have known that anyway, since I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you all that.

And, of course, thanks to EVERYONE–the personal and online friends, the blogger reviewers, and the authors (this was AMAZING that AUTHORS responded. Seriously, I fangirl over authors on the Internet more than I would if a top celebrity passed me by on the street) who responded to the “Three Newberys” poll/survey. And even bigger THANK YOU to those whom I’d never met (even in through forums, blogs, et cetera) but were simply friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, friends of friends of friends of friends….ok, I’ll stop. 😉 But really, THANK YOU. The fact that someone who doesn’t even know me but wants to help me out is absolutely amazing. It makes me feel better about the world, despite how much I agree with Lizzie Bennet’s quote, “The more I see of the world, the more I think less of it.” Perhaps things are indeed looking up in the future. 🙂 (BTW, I’m not sure if that quote is correct verbatim. I just tried to remember it from the 1995 version. I haven’t seen it in awhile, come to think of it!)

Hm, should I continue talking? I have a lot to blog about: memes, yearbook (we distributed it today and I have an artistic-y story I would like to share with you all!), writings (including what I wrote for yearbook for my portfolio that you all helped me with!), my ridiculous cold (though I think enough has been said on my Twitter about that, ha!), my computer breaking down and my new computer (though I’m typing away on my dad’s at the moment; plus, I’ve ranted enough on this subject on Twitter).

So all I’ve been doing is Twittering this whole time. Yes, Twittering. Which reminds me of another thing I must blog about….

I really do have a Notepad on my computer where I jot down blog topics. So in case I ever get blogger’s block again, I will always have an idea. 🙂 Now I think I will get into what Summermoon once called a blogger mojo.

And, though you all know already, I LOVE all your blogs. They really make my day. No matter what. I love y’all for that. 😀


My Return…Again. May 15, 2009

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I’m back! Again! Hahaha! I’ll admit, this time around, I didn’t leave because of I was busy, but mainly because I was lazy, I s’pose. But I have been updating Twitter. It’s too addicting to not make time for.

I sent most of you guys a message on Goodreads (if you have a Goodreads account, that is), and the rest of you all an e-mail. Some of you replied to the thread I made about it on LRRH, but if you are totally confused about what I’m talking about, here’s the message I sent:

As you may or may not be well aware, I am doing a portfolio project for my Yearbook/Journalism class at school.  This project is broken into assignments, one of which is a two-page spread for a pretend “music magazine”.  However, being that books are indeed my passion, I decided to do my spread on the Newberys, which, I can safely say, I am quite obsessed with. 😉 I’m not finished with my spread yet, being that the intended result is quite elaborate (and perhaps a bit of an overkill), but I am nearing the end!  This spread will be featured at my local county fair, and it would be positively amazing for me if I took home some sort of ribbon (a blue one might be pushing it).

Where do you step in?  As I just stated, I’m nearing the completion of the spread, but I have one outstanding “task” to do for it that I’m adding on to make it stand out a bit.  I’m doing a survey on readers’ top favorite Newbery books—both Medal- and Honor-winning—and making a pie chart of my results to put on the spread, to pizzazz the whole thing up.  I have so many close friends on Goodreads, as well as brilliant authors I am acquainted with, that I feel that there is no one better to ask to help me out than all of you!  If you could take the time to review this updated list of the Newberys on Wikipedia and pick out your TOP THREE FAVORITES from there, I would be ever so grateful! 😀 I am extremely excited about this spread being submitted to the fair, and it makes me even happier that I can incorporate the “bookish-ness” and opinions of all my terrific friends.  Thank you so much!


P.S. If you have any questions at all, you can reply to this message, or shoot me an e-mail (because I LOVE getting e-mails just as much as I love getting snail mail addressed to me!) at LADY [dot] DASHTI [at] GMAIL [dot] COM. 😀

So. Say I win an amazing prize at the fair. Not that I’m being overly confident, but just say I do. And YOU helped in it’s making. AMAZING, right?

If you think it is, and you haven’t voted yet, go right on ahead and leave a comment of your three favorite Newberys.

Some FAQs I’ve gotten:

  • It doesn’t matter whether it won the Medal or the Honor.
  • Yes, only three.
  • No personal info is necessary, but the author name would be nice if the books you chose aren’t very well known. 🙂
  • If you don’t want the world to know your favorites for whatever reason, you can e-mail me at the nicely bolded and capitalized e-mail address you see above.
  • There is no set due date, but I have to get the spread done in a couple weeks, but I’ve been hording the computer for a couple weeks now and I want to let my friends get just as much time on it, even if they’re not submitting their portfolio spread to the fair. I’m just not a greedy hog. So you can help me appear to not be a greedy hog if you send in the titles before (and now I’ll give an exact date) Wednesday, May 20. I’ll let you all know if I extend or shorten the time you have.

Easy rules? Then go for it! 😀

Mundane Monday…and Miscellaneous Part Two April 20, 2009

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That’s what it is. Man, I HATE going back to school after a nice, relaxing vacation!! Ah, well…at least I get to see all my friends more often now. I’m trying to be a little optimistic and a litte less pessimistic and cynical. 😉 

As a side note…this blog is, if you haven’t noticed already, ALIVE. A-L-I-V-E. It’s ACTIVE. You can tag me, and I’ll do the meme. BB AND HER BLOGS ARE NOT DEAD. I think I’ve lost some readers over the months that I was gone, so please be aware this is now active. And if you know someone who used to read my blog and stopped because they thought all my blogs died, please let him or her know they are all alive. If they are interested in reading more about BB, that is. 😉

I LOVED Easter break!! I got to write four different songs…no, wait…FIVE!! FIVE songs! w00t! 😀 That is truly happy-making. 😀 I posted one already. A few of you I know saw it (I have spies…on WordPress. They’re called Stats. 😀 ), and I would just love feedback on it. If you still don’t have my amazing passwork to unlock the secret door to my song lyrics, I will gladly give it to you via e-mail or LRRH PMs. 😀 If you don’t want to share it under comments, you can simply e-mail me (e-mails on the sidebar, as always). Guys, no comments makes me feel like there is some sort of awkward silence. 😦 So please…say something. Anything. You can even write a paragraph about chocolate chip cookies. Or just write “DAFFODILS!!!!”. I don’t care. Just please…make me feel like I’m not talking to myself (which is one reason I took a blog break). Anyway, but for those of you who did read my song (there are a couple of you I gave an early viewing to; THANK YOU!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! 😀 ), but I just wrote one that is one of my favorites. If you’d like an “early viewing” (like an ARC of a book, I guess I could call it…I dunno, an AVSL–Advanced Viewing of Song Lyrics, although it makes me sound like some distinguished songwriter, which I am not. I still need to polish my songwriting skills, which aren’t very good to begin with), e-mail me!! Talk to me, people, talk to me!! 😀 😉

Ok, fourth order of business: I want you guys to vote. Not like for a government position or whatever, but for a book. I need help on what to review next, but I have a lot in mind! Here’s the poll:

Also, for yearbook, I had told you all on LRRH that I’m working on a portfolio. However, I need you all to help me on something else; I need some people to survey. So if you’d like to participate, please leave a comment (you don’t have to put your e-mail down, unless you are certain I don’t know it and that you are not under a WordPress account and you are using a fake e-mail like abc@123.net.) OR e-mail me!!

Thanks, everyone!!!!!!! 😀


Meme and Miscellaneous April 16, 2009

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Wow, I’m getting more spam than before. Like everyday I’m getting spam. Yuck. 😛 

Also, my Google Reader new item count has gone down to eighteen! Woo-ee! Now I can start off on a clean slate by tomorrow and really, thoroughly read (and comment on–MORE) all your blog posts. Praises.

Aaanndd…please, please, please wish me luck tomorrow. I have to take this assessment test for the SAT prep class I’m taking over the summer, and I really do not want to fail. I don’t think I will, but still. Good luck is better than none. 😀 

And there’s a mosquito somewhere in our house. Eep! I don’t know where, but it’s freaking me out and I hope it doesn’t like computers and I hope it is a boy and not a girl. Apparently, my dad found one under my dining chair yesterday, and that’s really scary for me. I have entomophobia quite a bit. Cripes.

And I’m still suffering from blogger’s block a little (just a wee bit; I got over it quite a bit today, as I was out of town and got to “collect my thoughts” during the long drive 😉 ), so, as I was looking through my “new” one-month old items on Google Reader, I found that many of you did a Handbag Meme, and I just had to do it to show you all how a nerdess can be fashionable at the same time. 😉 (As a side note, I took the picture twice to get it just right. Also, in the background you can see the edit page for this blog post, although it is a little bright to tell. I’m using Google Chrome for blogging purposes. 😀 And you can see all the randomness piled up on and around my computer desk, haha.)dscf2021


Contents of the Nerdess’s Juicy Couture handbag (last year’s Christmas present! 😀 ) from right to left clockwise:

  • Two packs of Kleenex tissue (the random stuff in the back, on the right side)
  • Gucci wallet (which is pretty old, actually)
  • A penny
  • A Georgia state quarter (you probably can’t see, but it has the Georgia peach on it; I had it tail-side up)
  • My awesome red cellphone
  • My awesome red cellphone carrier thingy from this awesome antique Japanese store (there’s a better picture of it below “posing” with my old iPod carrier keychain, which just happens to be Pooky, Garfield the Cat’s teddy bear 😀 ; also, you can tell I’m lack of adjectives at the moment 😛 )
  • My lip gloss which I actually didn’t use today because I had a dentist’s appointment but it has a really pretty color anyway and tastes pretty good! 😀 
  • My lovely fifth-generation iPod classic, white, with plenty of scratches (or “veins” as I called them earlier today) on the back 😦
  • My pack of IceBreakers Lemon Iced Tea (muy delicioso! 😛 )
  • Somewhere in the back are two perfume samples I got from the mall today; they are two really thin strips of paper that say “Jo Malone” on them

But that’s not where the nerdiness begins. Indeed, I did also fit in that bag…

  • Keeping Score by Linda Sue Park (the book I was reading all day today, but it needed company, so I just had to bring along a few of its friends)
  • Dragon’s Breath by E.D. Baker
  • Enna Burning by Shannon Hale ( 😀 )
  • The Ballad of Lucy Whipple by Karen Cushman

So…let us learn that one can be both nerdy and chique at the same time. 😉 

To conclude, here is my little Japanese kitty cat who loves my cell with her best friend, Pooky. Any ideas for a name for my kitty? 😀 


SurveyMonkey See, SurveyMonkey Do! January 9, 2009

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I made an amazing discovery yesterday. How did I find it? Google suggestions, actually. I was looking up PollDaddy surveys, and lo and behold was SurveyMonkey. I love it (except for the fact you have to pay if you want to make a survey with more than 10 questions. Grr)!!! 😀 Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could do me a GINORMOUS favor. I made two surveys, one on Celebration of Blogs, and one of this blog. I will be making another one later for Butterfly Forest (once I get more reviews up there), but in the meantime, y’all can take this.

Click here to take the Celebration of Blogs survey

Click here to take the Blog of a Thousand Days survey

Have fun, y’all. These are perfectly anonymous, so don’t worry about being honest. I’d rather you all be HONEST. Really honest. No lying to BB now. 😀

♥Lots of Love and MOLD,


2008 and 2009 January 6, 2009

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**JUST A QUICK UPDATE ON CoB** Submission date is January 31! The judging system has been removed, but if nods roll on in like crazy, I’ll alert you guys for help counting the votes. Don’t forget to blog about Celebration of Blogs!!! C’mon guys, it’s not that hard, is it? And answer the poll!

I didn’t properly leave 2008 and move on to 2009 as far as my blog goes unlike everyone else. First, I’ll start with the chorus of a really cool song I kinda know how to play: “My, Oh My” by the Wreckers. I think I’ll make it my official New Year’s song.

My, oh my
Look how the time flies
Look how the world changes
in the blink of an eye
My, oh my
Look how the years have flown
Turnin around before you know it
Up and gone
Oh my, oh my, oh my

You guys will think I’m a freak. Seriously. But–ok, no laughing, I’m right out serious–I predicted 2008 a few years ago (I believe it was 2006). I predicted it would be a MAJOR year of changes (and don’t say every year brings many changes). I didn’t really think it’d change my life in the way that it did, but, well, it sure did change my life. Here’s just a quick look back:

1. LRRH – need I say more? I met the awesomest people ever, and they definitely changed my life…and my addiction to the Internet

2. Blogging/Goodreads – all because of LRRH

3. Schools – I had a tough time in the springtime at my old school, but I switched for my sophomore year fall 08, and I LOVE my new school. A definite big change from a small private school to a medium sized public one.

4. Yearbook – I was always in yearbook since 8th grade, but my new school redefined the artsy part of it.

(Now here comes the real stuff, even though I love LRRH and the computer and my new school *coughusuallycough*and yearbook and stuff, this is the SERIOUS part.)

5. Friends – I had to leave friends like anime and Maggs, and friends had to leave my old school like I did–friends like Tessa and Wisdom of Youth (the latter graduated). Then, I met awesome friends, friends who were just as bookish as the ones I mentioned above, like Olivia, ChesneyS (she’s on Goodreads), Vannessa (also on Goodreads), Hannah (Goodreads too!)…there are a ton more. I feel like in 2008, God guided my steps, especially in friends. The crazy part of all this? I think He knew how much I really like hanging out with bookish people, and, as an addition, very Christian (or, if they’re not Christian, Christian-like) people, and that’s exactly what He gave me. Even better, a lot of my friends turned out to be Catholic like me! And on top of all the friends I met at school, I have all of my online friends, who are always in my thoughts and prayers even when I get banned from the computer, even though I’ve never met any of you. Love y’all, and I mean it.

6. *deep breath* Family – we’ve all become so close-knit, ever since what happened to my aunt. And thank goodness she’s perfectly fine now, but that was some roller coaster. I won’t ramble like I did on the “Friends” paragraph.

Now, for my resolutions. I have quite a few.

1. Pray the Rosary daily.

2. Read XYZ amount of books. (I’m embarassed to say the amount; it’s SOOO low compared to how much everyone read in 2008 alone.)

3. Blog at least every three days. (Ok, so I already started failing this. But better a tad bit late than never, right?)

4. Write a review every two weeks or less.

5. Be more prompt on e-mails.

6. Participate in Script Frenzy, NaNoWriMo, and NaBloPoMo (at least once this year for this one).

7. Finish writing Part I of Heaven’s Stars, half of Pandora’s Box, and half of Secrets of a Royal Sorceress.

8. Do everything faster and, therefore, more efficiently. (A major problem for me.)

9. Learn five new songs on the piano and ten new songs on the guitar, then practice them until I get good enough to post myself playing my favorites on YouTube.

10. Try to find time to read the Bible often.

Last note: I copied these off from my cell. Yeah. While I was banned, I jotted down blog notes on my cell. Perty awesome, especially since I figured out how to use T9 mode. w00t! 😀

edit: Some of you might notice I changed my Jango jukebox. On my “Who I Am” page, I will later update it and explain why I did that. On careful examination, one might see how there are fewer artists. Can you guys let me know what song plays? I’m guessing Ashley Monroe plays first…

All Ears November 30, 2008

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What be that poll up ahead for? That’s for a book report I have to do next semester for English. We get to choose any book we want, and do a report on it. For our first one, I’m doing TGG (yay!!), but I need to figure out what I want for the next one. I have so many books I want to choose from! So, can you guys help me out? You guys can choose as many as you want, and please leave your comments and thoughts on the books below. To be honest, I’m leaning toward Wildwood Dancing, and although I’m going to read EB next, I don’t want to do another Shannon book for my project. I also don’t think Howl’s Moving Castle will be a good idea for me, since it’s not very short and you guys know what a slow reader I am. A few of the books might not be “my level” enough for the project, and I think I’d read Despereaux earlier, as I want to see the movie asap!! But again, I want to see what you guys think.

Another thing: I know I’ve been really slow on the other stuff, like talking about my vacation and Thanksgiving and all, but I’ll do a late post on that, promise!! Sorry!! 😕

Also, be sure to check out Butterfly Forest later today for a post about new stuff and updates on my review blog!! See ya around!

Lots of MOLD,


If Project Playlist Don’t Work… August 13, 2008

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…then use Jango! I love my Jango Juke Box! (That’s why the first thing you hear when you come on here is some country playing. I’m interested to see what song plays when you come on here. Comments on that please!) Jango is so awesome. I just found it a few minutes ago, and love it. So for those WordPress bloggers out there who love music but can’t use Project Playlist, use Jango! It’s faster, and you just add in artists and there’s your music! Me luv it! 😀

Also, I need some opinions regarding OpenID. I’m trying to figure out what name to use. Sounds dumb, I know, but you see, I’m not sure whether to do “bookbutterflyangel”, “bookbutterfly”, “Lady Dashti” (I know, it’s a laugh, but it’s cute, and I’m really thinking of using this one), or “Lady Dashti (BB)”. Suggestions s’il vous plait?

Another thing: I’m going to have password-protected excerpts coming soon, so be on the look out! I’ve got a password planned, so you can just comment that you’d like me to e-mail it to you. I probably won’t be able to PM stuff for awhile. Sorry about any inconveniences. 😦 There will be more real BB blogging coming later, with a lot more stuff on what’s going on in my life…more fun stuff. I hope I’ll be able to start something called The Scoop (tentative title), about stuff that’s buzzing right now about things that

On a last note, to avoid some confusion, this is THE blog of bookbutterfly. I’m no longer using Blogger for my main blogs. I’ve officially moved.