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Just So You Know…. December 13, 2009

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I won’t be blogging here anymore. There’s just not a whole lot to blog about anymore (not anything worth reading, anyway; it would all probably be private), and if you want to read about what’s going on in my life (which sounds stalker-ish, but I know you guys aren’t…much 😉 ), I suggest you follow me on Twitter. AND head over to my review blog, which is currently on a one-week-ish hiatus (as explained here) and will be up and running again on Thursday, December 17. I’m planning on doing some more personal posts other than reviews (including memes) over at Notes from the Nerdette (in case you didn’t know, that’s the new name of Butterfly Forest), as well as interviews, blogger and reader features (so even if you aren’t an author or don’t even have a blog, you can contact me at lady(dot)dashti(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested in being featured on my blog; I did one on Priya a few weeks ago), blah-blah-blah on my opinions, fun polls, and more (maybe). Also, if you’re thinking, “Ooh! I like that theme on the new blog!”, I’m actually changing it. I’m having issues with the pictures not fitting into the way-too-thin columns.

Anywho, I hope you guys all take the time to head over to NftN and read and enjoy it as much as you did over here at B1000! I miss the thrill of personal blogging, but as of right now, there isn’t anything to really blog about.If I feel like blogging on here again, I most definitely will. Talk to you all later! Keep in touch via e-mail!


Mundane Monday…and Miscellaneous Part Two April 20, 2009

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That’s what it is. Man, I HATE going back to school after a nice, relaxing vacation!! Ah, well…at least I get to see all my friends more often now. I’m trying to be a little optimistic and a litte less pessimistic and cynical. 😉 

As a side note…this blog is, if you haven’t noticed already, ALIVE. A-L-I-V-E. It’s ACTIVE. You can tag me, and I’ll do the meme. BB AND HER BLOGS ARE NOT DEAD. I think I’ve lost some readers over the months that I was gone, so please be aware this is now active. And if you know someone who used to read my blog and stopped because they thought all my blogs died, please let him or her know they are all alive. If they are interested in reading more about BB, that is. 😉

I LOVED Easter break!! I got to write four different songs…no, wait…FIVE!! FIVE songs! w00t! 😀 That is truly happy-making. 😀 I posted one already. A few of you I know saw it (I have spies…on WordPress. They’re called Stats. 😀 ), and I would just love feedback on it. If you still don’t have my amazing passwork to unlock the secret door to my song lyrics, I will gladly give it to you via e-mail or LRRH PMs. 😀 If you don’t want to share it under comments, you can simply e-mail me (e-mails on the sidebar, as always). Guys, no comments makes me feel like there is some sort of awkward silence. 😦 So please…say something. Anything. You can even write a paragraph about chocolate chip cookies. Or just write “DAFFODILS!!!!”. I don’t care. Just please…make me feel like I’m not talking to myself (which is one reason I took a blog break). Anyway, but for those of you who did read my song (there are a couple of you I gave an early viewing to; THANK YOU!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! 😀 ), but I just wrote one that is one of my favorites. If you’d like an “early viewing” (like an ARC of a book, I guess I could call it…I dunno, an AVSL–Advanced Viewing of Song Lyrics, although it makes me sound like some distinguished songwriter, which I am not. I still need to polish my songwriting skills, which aren’t very good to begin with), e-mail me!! Talk to me, people, talk to me!! 😀 😉

Ok, fourth order of business: I want you guys to vote. Not like for a government position or whatever, but for a book. I need help on what to review next, but I have a lot in mind! Here’s the poll:

Also, for yearbook, I had told you all on LRRH that I’m working on a portfolio. However, I need you all to help me on something else; I need some people to survey. So if you’d like to participate, please leave a comment (you don’t have to put your e-mail down, unless you are certain I don’t know it and that you are not under a WordPress account and you are using a fake e-mail like abc@123.net.) OR e-mail me!!

Thanks, everyone!!!!!!! 😀


Meme and Miscellaneous April 16, 2009

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Wow, I’m getting more spam than before. Like everyday I’m getting spam. Yuck. 😛 

Also, my Google Reader new item count has gone down to eighteen! Woo-ee! Now I can start off on a clean slate by tomorrow and really, thoroughly read (and comment on–MORE) all your blog posts. Praises.

Aaanndd…please, please, please wish me luck tomorrow. I have to take this assessment test for the SAT prep class I’m taking over the summer, and I really do not want to fail. I don’t think I will, but still. Good luck is better than none. 😀 

And there’s a mosquito somewhere in our house. Eep! I don’t know where, but it’s freaking me out and I hope it doesn’t like computers and I hope it is a boy and not a girl. Apparently, my dad found one under my dining chair yesterday, and that’s really scary for me. I have entomophobia quite a bit. Cripes.

And I’m still suffering from blogger’s block a little (just a wee bit; I got over it quite a bit today, as I was out of town and got to “collect my thoughts” during the long drive 😉 ), so, as I was looking through my “new” one-month old items on Google Reader, I found that many of you did a Handbag Meme, and I just had to do it to show you all how a nerdess can be fashionable at the same time. 😉 (As a side note, I took the picture twice to get it just right. Also, in the background you can see the edit page for this blog post, although it is a little bright to tell. I’m using Google Chrome for blogging purposes. 😀 And you can see all the randomness piled up on and around my computer desk, haha.)dscf2021


Contents of the Nerdess’s Juicy Couture handbag (last year’s Christmas present! 😀 ) from right to left clockwise:

  • Two packs of Kleenex tissue (the random stuff in the back, on the right side)
  • Gucci wallet (which is pretty old, actually)
  • A penny
  • A Georgia state quarter (you probably can’t see, but it has the Georgia peach on it; I had it tail-side up)
  • My awesome red cellphone
  • My awesome red cellphone carrier thingy from this awesome antique Japanese store (there’s a better picture of it below “posing” with my old iPod carrier keychain, which just happens to be Pooky, Garfield the Cat’s teddy bear 😀 ; also, you can tell I’m lack of adjectives at the moment 😛 )
  • My lip gloss which I actually didn’t use today because I had a dentist’s appointment but it has a really pretty color anyway and tastes pretty good! 😀 
  • My lovely fifth-generation iPod classic, white, with plenty of scratches (or “veins” as I called them earlier today) on the back 😦
  • My pack of IceBreakers Lemon Iced Tea (muy delicioso! 😛 )
  • Somewhere in the back are two perfume samples I got from the mall today; they are two really thin strips of paper that say “Jo Malone” on them

But that’s not where the nerdiness begins. Indeed, I did also fit in that bag…

  • Keeping Score by Linda Sue Park (the book I was reading all day today, but it needed company, so I just had to bring along a few of its friends)
  • Dragon’s Breath by E.D. Baker
  • Enna Burning by Shannon Hale ( 😀 )
  • The Ballad of Lucy Whipple by Karen Cushman

So…let us learn that one can be both nerdy and chique at the same time. 😉 

To conclude, here is my little Japanese kitty cat who loves my cell with her best friend, Pooky. Any ideas for a name for my kitty? 😀 


She is ALIVE!!! April 7, 2009

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YES!!! BB is ALIVE!! She’s alive, and she’s well! And she’s actually blogging!!! I know, AMAZING, isn’t it? She’s here, in person…wow. Wow wow wow.

And so why in the world were you gone, BB?

Um, heh heh, well. For a number of reasons. For one, school. Though the main reason is because I have to finish the fifty books lying around my house begging for me to finish them. Which I haven’t actually done yet. Ahem. But I think I needed that break. Right before I took my break from blogging, I was having this love/hate relationship with my blogs. I don’t know if you guys could “hear” it in the tone of my posts or not, but I had told a few of you guys in beforehand, like over gmail chat and emails and the sort.

But…you were on Twitter? And writing reviews?

Yep, I was on Twitter, quite a bit. I couldn’t imagine totally being cut off from you guys. And I did write a couple reviews, which I will post soon on Butterfly Forest. Yay! 😀 

Then who won Celebration of Blogs?

Aha! Now the wonderful question arises! I am extremely pleased to announce our winners…*trumpet fanfare*

Q and GEEKSPAWNGIRL!!!!!!!!!!

You two were named as the bloggers with the best username. If I may say so myself, the award is well deserved. I second the votes that governed this outcome to occur. And no, I do not think stating so is an example of my partiality.

Now I have a question for you all: has my “voice” changed? I keep getting essays that say I have a “clear writer’s voice” or a “developing writer’s voice” at school, and somehow, I feel like I sound so much different than before in my writing. I think I’ve gotten to be a bit more eloquent. And critical. Especially of my own writing, and sometimes, when I write “like” in places where I would actually say “like” (such as “It was so like weird!”), I cringe. And it ends up there anyway. Other times, I think I’m starting to sound snobby. Am I? I just know I’m “talking” a little differently here. Seriously? “I second the votes that governed this outcome to occur. I do not think stating so is an example of my partiality.” A few months ago, I would have just said, “Congrats! I think you guys have cool usernames, too! And I’m not like being biased or anything.” Wow. I think I have changed. O.O

And can I clear up a few things too? I’m not sure whether confusion has arisen or not, but I am NOT using my LiveJournal. I know I posted on there a few days ago, but as of now I am certain I will not be using it. And I am NOT moving. No me gusta LiveJournal. 😦 

My my my, I have so many things to talk about, but I don’t know where to start! Hm, how about a question? Ye or nay to having CoB this month? Or some writing from me? 😀

About the Last Post December 18, 2008

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‘Kay, I know I’ve been away forever, but I wrote the last post last week, so I actually have to put in more, but it’s long enough already so it’ll have some sequels. You guys don’t wanna miss this one! It’s probably my favorite post (for its hilarity…if that’s a word), so for those of you who know the past passwords just type that into the box. The reason for it’s security is because I’m a little afraid someone from school might find it and read it (someone, like, who isn’t a friend of mine *le gasp* 😉 ). And I’d hate for some random person searching for stuff like “project playlist doesn’t work”, “bob dunn steel guitar”, and “leeann sue parks” to find it and read it (NB: those are true search titles. If you do not have the password, just email me and I will send it to you asap. Remember, you can contact me at:

bookbutterflyangel [at] yahoo [dot] com


lady [dot] dashti [at] gmail [dot] com


my other, very mysteriously hidden email 😉 (which I don’t post on the web but only school friends know this one)

Side note for those who have Gmail: I have just sent out about a dozen gmail chat invites (since I’d love to chat w/ you guys more, especially when I can’t get on LRRH!!), and one of you (go Delaney!! You rock, girl! 😀 ) has responded and agreed so far. So if you haven’t received an invite yet and you want to chat with me, just leave me a comment or zip off an email.

Sorry Yahoo-ers: my Y!IM doesn’t really work. I don’t really have the time to download the darn thing, and I only use Mail Classic because the new Yahoo mail doesn’t work for me (it won’t delete my emails for some reason…)

Yet I still have dozens of posts to write!! Gack!! And guys, please check out my NEW REVIEW at Butterfly Forest!! I’m so happy about it! You’ll all love it! It was for a project for English, and I got an A on it! (not meaning to brag, o’course… 😉 ). 😀

Away Again. November 24, 2008

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I was away again. This weekend I was at Santa Barbara, w00t w00t!!!!!!!! And I’m planning on a nice, relaxing week (with some reading, LRRH craziness, blogging, and WORK BLEH thrown in).

I still have to plug in the pics I took at SB onto my computer, so while I get that done, I’ll some up my two-day trip in a few words:







Just deal with that for now, ‘kay?

Protected: I’m Ba-ack!!! (e-mail me for password–if I have previously sent you my password, it is the same) October 19, 2008

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Having a Bad Day? August 18, 2008

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Having a bad day? Or just want something really funny to laugh at?

Click here. And go through all the pages. All of them. And tell me which ones you like best. This will give you a taste of what kind of stuff my uncle sends. He’s HILARIOUS. He sent me some of them and I was totally cracking up and ROFL.

If Project Playlist Don’t Work… August 13, 2008

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…then use Jango! I love my Jango Juke Box! (That’s why the first thing you hear when you come on here is some country playing. I’m interested to see what song plays when you come on here. Comments on that please!) Jango is so awesome. I just found it a few minutes ago, and love it. So for those WordPress bloggers out there who love music but can’t use Project Playlist, use Jango! It’s faster, and you just add in artists and there’s your music! Me luv it! 😀

Also, I need some opinions regarding OpenID. I’m trying to figure out what name to use. Sounds dumb, I know, but you see, I’m not sure whether to do “bookbutterflyangel”, “bookbutterfly”, “Lady Dashti” (I know, it’s a laugh, but it’s cute, and I’m really thinking of using this one), or “Lady Dashti (BB)”. Suggestions s’il vous plait?

Another thing: I’m going to have password-protected excerpts coming soon, so be on the look out! I’ve got a password planned, so you can just comment that you’d like me to e-mail it to you. I probably won’t be able to PM stuff for awhile. Sorry about any inconveniences. 😦 There will be more real BB blogging coming later, with a lot more stuff on what’s going on in my life…more fun stuff. I hope I’ll be able to start something called The Scoop (tentative title), about stuff that’s buzzing right now about things that

On a last note, to avoid some confusion, this is THE blog of bookbutterfly. I’m no longer using Blogger for my main blogs. I’ve officially moved.

Blogroll August 8, 2008

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So now I’m settling down in B1000 (this one), I have to get that Blogroll set up. Actually, I’m not using the blogroll; I’m calling it My Posh Pals’ Brilliant Blogs AND I’m including a nice little description about each blog and the person whom it belongs to. So far, I’ve only added Anilee’s and Rebecca’s, and throughout the week, since I’m really busy, I’m not going to add them in all at once. So for those who want to be added right away (and note, that I may not get to add everyone else by the time summer ends), just leave a comment or drop a line to me! If your name doesn’t link to your site, if you changed your blog to elsewhere, if you have more than one blog that is NOT a review blog that you want me to add to the blogroll, or if you have a “special request” for the description, comment away!