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Who I Am

Me: sixteen, soon to be a high school junior.

Conservative (cradle) Roman Catholic.

Aspiring author.

Lyrical songwriter.

Self-taught guitarist.

Extremely organized and thorough reviewer of all sorts.

Thoughtful blogger who tries to liven things up with some humor here and there.

My intellectual areas of expertise lie in literature, websites, and country music.

I always have a story to tell

And always have a song to play.

I live.

I laugh.

I love.

I’m lucky.

I’m blessed.

I’m loved.

Even when life gets me down, I know I always have someone who’ll stand by me.

My parents, my friends

But most of all, I have God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, the Angels, the Saints whom I can call on for help.

I am sensitive and caring.

I can be clueless, but I love feeling smarter by sharing what I know (and I make a very good impression of being intelligent).

I detest mainstream (mostly), and love the unpopular (usually).

I can be serious, but nothing can prevent me from having a good laugh.

I can be quiet, but usually if I am it means I am lost in the depths of some undiscovered land of my mind.

I can be pessimistic, cynical, and even snarky and sarcastic, but I always struggle to find the good in a given situation.

In my heart I am a child, but in my mind I try to be like an old sage.

I am hopeful.

I believe that the following days can be better than the last.

I am a dreamer, but will try to make my dreams happen, because

The change I want today is the change that I will create tomorrow.

What the poem I wrote above didn’t mention is the one single most important thing you must know about me if you are to know me at all: diagnosed with mental obsessive literary disorder (MOLD). Here’s proof.


In addition to this blog, I have another one called Butterfly Forest, which is my review blog.

I will soon be coming out with links to other pages on this site where you can find all my favorite stuff–and other random tidbits about me! Enjoy reading…when they are finally published!



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