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Celebration of Blogs


I, bookbutterfly of the Forest, also known as Lady Dashti or Mariposa Angel Del Libro, as hostess and founder of the contest Celebration of Blogs from my blog, Blog of a Thousand Days of the URL https://perfectgoodluck.wordpress.com/, promise to hold these rules as true and will make sure I and my contestants abide to the following:

1. At the start of the contest, I shall pick the category of the month. Contestants may choose up to three blogs or bloggers for the award and send their responses to BOOKBUTTERFLYANGEL [at] YAHOO [dot] COM or LADY [dot] DASHTI [at] GMAIL [dot] COM.

2. By the end of the month, the submissions will be due by 11:59:59 PM (Pacific Time), and I (perhaps with a few helpers) will count the votes. Within one week, I will announce the winner on my blog and send him or her an email announcing his or her win.

3. He or she will receive some sort of award (not sure what yet…I’m still working on it; I may get my helpers to assist me 😉 ), and the winner will give me a number; this number I will use to decide on the next category (I’ll do sort of like how you do the game of MASH, haha).

4. In December of every year, I will hold the Blog of the Year categories: Blog of the Year, Blogger of the Year, Review Blog of the Year, and Rookie Blog of the Year.

5. Any questions, comments, feedback, concerns, etc may be sent to me at BOOKBUTTERFLYANGEL [at] YAHOO [dot] COM or LADY [dog] DASHTI [at] GMAIL [dot] COM. There is also a survey available here.


I have a category idea. Can I send it to you? Most definitely. Just email it to me to one of the addresses above, and it’ll be added to my list if approved!

Can I vote for me…or you? Absolutely!

Is there a limit to how many times I vote for one blog in a row? Not really…it’s not an official rule, but to keep things fair, I would vote for the same blog or blogger three times in a row (if it’s really that great) and move on to another blog. But you can always come back to that blog you love so much another month!

I would like to hold this contest at my blog. May I? I don’t have a copyright hold over this, but if you would like to do this at your blog, please contact me first before doing so.

My BFF has a Blogger/Blogspot, WordPress, LiveJournal, and/or Xanga. Can I vote for her? My sis has a Facebook, MySpace, Word Count Journal and/or Twitter. Can I also vote for her? Blogger/Blogspot, WordPress, LiveJournal, and Xanga blogs are completely fine with CoB; Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Word Count Journal, and the like are not.

What if I really want a certain person to win…but they didn’t, and I really want them to be mentioned? Once I announce the winner, that post can be made into a place where you and others can comment on who they recognize as that whatever that category is. You can call it a “Celebration of Blogs Honorable Mention”.


The following is a list of the months, categories of that month, and the winners of that category.

January 2009 – Best Blog Username ~ TBD



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