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Something Old, Something New April 25, 2009

Posted by bookbutterfly in family.

When I first sat down to write this post, I originally intended to write about how my creative juices were not flowing and started rambling nonsensically. I’ll post it withing the next few days, but it might bore some of you to death. Of course, I’ll pizzazz it up a bit before actually posting it, but for now, just deal with this post. 😀 As I was writing this post, I went from brain dead to brain “alive”, so…I’m all good for now.

MY COUSIN GOT MARRIED TODAY!!! OH. EHM. GEE. (I just wanted to do say it like that. 😛 ) I haven’t seen her for almost a year because she lives in New York, but she flew over with her now-husband to get married in California! She looked absolutely stunning as a bride, and it’s really funny because she was my mom’s flowergirl over twenty years ago!! CRAZY!! At the end of the ceremony, when a lot of people started turning on the waterworks and when my cousin and her new hubby were hugging their parents, I almost cried along with everyone else. It was all so sweet. We had so many highlights, but just a few include:

  • Actually figuring out how this relative is related to me and making a rough “family tree” in the car after the reception
  • Taking way too many pictures. One of them was a picture of my dad and my cousin (technically, she’s my dad’s cousin’s daughter, which I guess would make her my great-cousin’s daughter…or just a second cousin of mine. Or a cousin twice removed? Once removed? GAH I don’t need to be more brain dead than I already am! 😉 ) posing together, the latter holding a spoon and putting a HILARIOUS expression on her face. Priceless, but unexplainable over writing. There were also too many “self-portraits” that were (1) almost impossible to take and (2) almost impossible not to laugh while watching or taking.
  • My first cousin winning the bouquet toss…and the aforementioned great cousin’s daughter/my cousin somehow removed’s fiance catching the garter, haha. It was hilarious when my first cousin got the bouquet though; it just pretty much fell into her hands–she just stood there and it came right to her!! It’s funnier because she made me promise that I marry after she does.
  • People telling me that I’m “third in line”. First would be the bride, the second would be the aforementioned bouquet-catching cousin, the third being me. Me, turning sixteen next month. Ay caramba. So after the bouquet-catching cousin, I’m the next blood-related bride.
  • Relatives planning my wedding (sort of; see the bullet point above)
  • Relatives saying (in Korean and English), “OH MY GOSH, BB, YOU GREW SO MUCH!!! Look how tall you are! How old are you? What grade are you in? How’s school? Are you doing well?” etc.
  • Having home court advantage (yaya!)! As I mentioned before, most of my American-residing relatives live in California, and the bride’s hubby is from New York, so…everytime someone from my family went up to talk or say a speech, they would get a whole bunch of woots and cheers whereas someone from the groom’s side of the family wouldn’t really get anything besides some polite applause.
  • The bouquet-catching cousin asking me if I had Facebook, to which I replied no, and to which she responded that many of our cousins and somehow-someway-related cousins are also on there, to which I asked if they all had a Facebook group, to which she replied no but that it was a good idea, to which we started, well, coming up with names for the group, even though I’m not on Facebook. We had some good laughs.
  • My grandma dancing on the dance floor and everyone giving her a huge round of applause! She was dressed in her han-bok (Korean traditional wear: see here and scroll to the lady with the green skirt for a good idea of what it looks like; just imagine a seventy-something year old Korean lady wearing that and dancing to disco music from the nineties), and helped “break the ice for the young people to dance on the dance floor” (as my dad said). 

So…I had a pretty good time, as you can see. I know none of my cousins that were there will read this anytime soon, unless I get a Facebook and link this post to them or something, but if I could give a shout out to the bride, I would say, “COUSIN S, WISH YOU AND YOUR HUBBY THE BEST!!!!!” (hey, that kind of rhymes…)

And I’m sure a few of you already know, but my computer died. And today, it officially died. And so I won’t be on as much until I get a new computer, and goodness knows when that will be. And right now I’m using my dad’s work laptop, which is annoying because the laptop mouse has a mind of it’s own and some weird windows for my dad’s work keeps popping up too often in the middle of my typing. And I’m saying “and” a lot. And that’s all with the “and”s. Promise. 😀

❤ BB (can’t do the real heart on this laptop, grr)



1. geekspawn - April 26, 2009

That’s so awesome! Don’t you just love family/weddings?
Hope’s hanbok looks a lot like the rainbow-striped one, although we have to get her a new one 😀

bookbutterfly - April 26, 2009

I do!! Yesterday’s was so fun, and we had another one today, but with only seven people this time, including my parents and me. 😀

I *think* I used to have a rainbow-striped one when I was little, too…but the last time I wore a hanbok was when I was like…eight. 😛

2. geekspawn - April 27, 2009

Haha. Her foster mom sent her a light pink and bright pink one.


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