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Y’all blog too much. I can’t keep up. April 15, 2009

Posted by bookbutterfly in blogs and blogging, music, websites.

Maybe it is sort of my fault for not checking Google Reader in months. And then for a few days.

But when I came back from my “disappearance”, I kind of thought I’d get like seven hundred new stuff, and it was just five hundred. That’s all. Plus, after cutting off the hundred something posts from MuggleNet, another hundred from Leaky Cauldron, and a few more from HPANA (yes, I subscribe to them all), it got narrowed down to about…eh, three hundred. Or two.

And I didn’t check for some time, and there were about one hundred seventy left. Geez Louise, how much do you guys blog and post??? Ay chico. I’m still working on reading them all, but the going is a bit slow since so many of your posts are eye-catching and I just have to stop and read them.

I’m not complaining. I want to thank you all. I still have one hundred thirty-three “items” (as Google Reader calls them) to read through, and I haven’t gotten through my beloved Harry Potter fan sites yet as of right now, being nine fifty-four prime meridian Pacific time.

As a side note, I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I’m not writing numbers anymore. It bothers me to see numbers, and somehow I feel like if I really want that degree in English, I have to start focusing on writing a lot, and that includes numbers. Weird, I know, but I can’t stand initials anymore either (note the “prime meridian”…but not the HPANA part. Okay, okay, so I should have said Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator, but I just had to look up to see just now what the full title of the site was called. I never can remember the “Automatic” part.)

Sorry for the boring post. I can’t beat you guys at writing amazing posts. Plus, I have blogger’s block at the moment. Grr. The only cool thing I can talk about right now is that I bought three songs from iTunes yesterday and I hate Apple for marking up Carrie Underwood and Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz’s “Lucky” (I bought the latter song anyway though, especially since I first heard it from a photo slide celebrating my cousin’s engagement. She’s getting married next week. Yay! Everyone’s getting married these days…). I also bought Emily West’s “Rocks In Your Shoes” (a great song if you ever feel like you’re never going to accomplish anything), and Tim Myers and Lindsey Ray’s “Brand New Day”, which I first heard in a Target commerical, haha! (I just noticed I bought two duets. Awesomeness.) I’m including videos from Youtube (I just figured out how to do that, and it’s so cool!!!! 😀 ) for all the songs here so you guys can all obsess over them like I am at the moment. 😉




1. madison - April 16, 2009

I’m blogging every day this month because of BEDA.

Anyway…technically, there are rules about using numbers. For some uses, it’s proper to use the numbers, not to spell it out in letters.

Also, PM doesn’t stand for “prime meridian”. It’s actually “post meridiem”. Latin for “after midday”.

2. geekspawngirl - April 16, 2009

Lol, I like Lucky.
You’re right…. everyone’s getting married right now. Seems like in the last two and a half years there have been a ton of marriages/new babies/engagements going on.

3. bookbutterfly - April 16, 2009

Anilee: I know, I know about the numbers thing, but I just can’t help it anymore!! GAH. Ok, fine…nine something post meridiem. 😉

Faith: I LOVE that song. I think it’s Spring Fever, that’s why. 😀

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