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She is ALIVE!!! April 7, 2009

Posted by bookbutterfly in blogs and blogging, books, contests, miscellaneous.

YES!!! BB is ALIVE!! She’s alive, and she’s well! And she’s actually blogging!!! I know, AMAZING, isn’t it? She’s here, in person…wow. Wow wow wow.

And so why in the world were you gone, BB?

Um, heh heh, well. For a number of reasons. For one, school. Though the main reason is because I have to finish the fifty books lying around my house begging for me to finish them. Which I haven’t actually done yet. Ahem. But I think I needed that break. Right before I took my break from blogging, I was having this love/hate relationship with my blogs. I don’t know if you guys could “hear” it in the tone of my posts or not, but I had told a few of you guys in beforehand, like over gmail chat and emails and the sort.

But…you were on Twitter? And writing reviews?

Yep, I was on Twitter, quite a bit. I couldn’t imagine totally being cut off from you guys. And I did write a couple reviews, which I will post soon on Butterfly Forest. Yay! πŸ˜€Β 

Then who won Celebration of Blogs?

Aha! Now the wonderful question arises! I am extremely pleased to announce our winners…*trumpet fanfare*

Q and GEEKSPAWNGIRL!!!!!!!!!!

You two were named as the bloggers with the best username. If I may say so myself, the award is well deserved. I second the votes that governed this outcome to occur. And no, I do not think stating so is an example of my partiality.

Now I have a question for you all: has my “voice” changed? I keep getting essays that say I have a “clear writer’s voice” or a “developing writer’s voice” at school, and somehow, I feel like I sound so much different than before in my writing. I think I’ve gotten to be a bit more eloquent. And critical. Especially of my own writing, and sometimes, when I write “like” in places where I would actually sayΒ “like” (such as “It was so like weird!”), I cringe. And it ends up there anyway. Other times, I think I’m starting to sound snobby. Am I? I just know I’m “talking” a little differently here. Seriously? “I second the votes that governed this outcome to occur. I do not think stating so is an example of my partiality.” A few months ago, I would have just said, “Congrats! I think you guys have cool usernames, too! And I’m not like being biased or anything.” Wow. I think I have changed. O.O

And can I clear up a few things too? I’m not sure whether confusion has arisen or not, but I am NOT using my LiveJournal. I know I posted on there a few days ago, but as of now I am certain I will not be using it. And I am NOT moving. No me gusta LiveJournal. 😦 

My my my, I have so many things to talk about, but I don’t know where to start! Hm, how about a question? Ye or nay to having CoB this month? Or some writing from me? πŸ˜€



1. geekspawn - April 8, 2009

Yay! BB’s back! I missed you. πŸ™‚
And trust me you are NOT sounding snobby. That’s the last word that comes to mind.
Cool! My username was my dad’s idea though, I should go tell him πŸ™‚ Thanks guys.

2. spider - April 9, 2009

WOOT! I missed you. You still sound like BB to me, but that could be because I know that it’s you. (It is your blog, after all.)

I vote yes on CoB this month, and yes on some writing from you. (It just goes to show that you can have your cake and eat it too.)

3. bookbutterfly - April 10, 2009

I missed you all, too! *hugs* Ok, I’m GLAD I don’t sound snobbish or anything. I always fear that. πŸ˜› Congrats again, Faith! Haha, that was funny about the “have your cake and eat it too” part in your comment, spider. πŸ˜€

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