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Something Old, Something New April 25, 2009

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When I first sat down to write this post, I originally intended to write about how my creative juices were not flowing and started rambling nonsensically. I’ll post it withing the next few days, but it might bore some of you to death. Of course, I’ll pizzazz it up a bit before actually posting it, but for now, just deal with this post. 😀 As I was writing this post, I went from brain dead to brain “alive”, so…I’m all good for now.

MY COUSIN GOT MARRIED TODAY!!! OH. EHM. GEE. (I just wanted to do say it like that. 😛 ) I haven’t seen her for almost a year because she lives in New York, but she flew over with her now-husband to get married in California! She looked absolutely stunning as a bride, and it’s really funny because she was my mom’s flowergirl over twenty years ago!! CRAZY!! At the end of the ceremony, when a lot of people started turning on the waterworks and when my cousin and her new hubby were hugging their parents, I almost cried along with everyone else. It was all so sweet. We had so many highlights, but just a few include:

  • Actually figuring out how this relative is related to me and making a rough “family tree” in the car after the reception
  • Taking way too many pictures. One of them was a picture of my dad and my cousin (technically, she’s my dad’s cousin’s daughter, which I guess would make her my great-cousin’s daughter…or just a second cousin of mine. Or a cousin twice removed? Once removed? GAH I don’t need to be more brain dead than I already am! 😉 ) posing together, the latter holding a spoon and putting a HILARIOUS expression on her face. Priceless, but unexplainable over writing. There were also too many “self-portraits” that were (1) almost impossible to take and (2) almost impossible not to laugh while watching or taking.
  • My first cousin winning the bouquet toss…and the aforementioned great cousin’s daughter/my cousin somehow removed’s fiance catching the garter, haha. It was hilarious when my first cousin got the bouquet though; it just pretty much fell into her hands–she just stood there and it came right to her!! It’s funnier because she made me promise that I marry after she does.
  • People telling me that I’m “third in line”. First would be the bride, the second would be the aforementioned bouquet-catching cousin, the third being me. Me, turning sixteen next month. Ay caramba. So after the bouquet-catching cousin, I’m the next blood-related bride.
  • Relatives planning my wedding (sort of; see the bullet point above)
  • Relatives saying (in Korean and English), “OH MY GOSH, BB, YOU GREW SO MUCH!!! Look how tall you are! How old are you? What grade are you in? How’s school? Are you doing well?” etc.
  • Having home court advantage (yaya!)! As I mentioned before, most of my American-residing relatives live in California, and the bride’s hubby is from New York, so…everytime someone from my family went up to talk or say a speech, they would get a whole bunch of woots and cheers whereas someone from the groom’s side of the family wouldn’t really get anything besides some polite applause.
  • The bouquet-catching cousin asking me if I had Facebook, to which I replied no, and to which she responded that many of our cousins and somehow-someway-related cousins are also on there, to which I asked if they all had a Facebook group, to which she replied no but that it was a good idea, to which we started, well, coming up with names for the group, even though I’m not on Facebook. We had some good laughs.
  • My grandma dancing on the dance floor and everyone giving her a huge round of applause! She was dressed in her han-bok (Korean traditional wear: see here and scroll to the lady with the green skirt for a good idea of what it looks like; just imagine a seventy-something year old Korean lady wearing that and dancing to disco music from the nineties), and helped “break the ice for the young people to dance on the dance floor” (as my dad said). 

So…I had a pretty good time, as you can see. I know none of my cousins that were there will read this anytime soon, unless I get a Facebook and link this post to them or something, but if I could give a shout out to the bride, I would say, “COUSIN S, WISH YOU AND YOUR HUBBY THE BEST!!!!!” (hey, that kind of rhymes…)

And I’m sure a few of you already know, but my computer died. And today, it officially died. And so I won’t be on as much until I get a new computer, and goodness knows when that will be. And right now I’m using my dad’s work laptop, which is annoying because the laptop mouse has a mind of it’s own and some weird windows for my dad’s work keeps popping up too often in the middle of my typing. And I’m saying “and” a lot. And that’s all with the “and”s. Promise. 😀

❤ BB (can’t do the real heart on this laptop, grr)


Mundane Monday…and Miscellaneous Part Two April 20, 2009

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That’s what it is. Man, I HATE going back to school after a nice, relaxing vacation!! Ah, well…at least I get to see all my friends more often now. I’m trying to be a little optimistic and a litte less pessimistic and cynical. 😉 

As a side note…this blog is, if you haven’t noticed already, ALIVE. A-L-I-V-E. It’s ACTIVE. You can tag me, and I’ll do the meme. BB AND HER BLOGS ARE NOT DEAD. I think I’ve lost some readers over the months that I was gone, so please be aware this is now active. And if you know someone who used to read my blog and stopped because they thought all my blogs died, please let him or her know they are all alive. If they are interested in reading more about BB, that is. 😉

I LOVED Easter break!! I got to write four different songs…no, wait…FIVE!! FIVE songs! w00t! 😀 That is truly happy-making. 😀 I posted one already. A few of you I know saw it (I have spies…on WordPress. They’re called Stats. 😀 ), and I would just love feedback on it. If you still don’t have my amazing passwork to unlock the secret door to my song lyrics, I will gladly give it to you via e-mail or LRRH PMs. 😀 If you don’t want to share it under comments, you can simply e-mail me (e-mails on the sidebar, as always). Guys, no comments makes me feel like there is some sort of awkward silence. 😦 So please…say something. Anything. You can even write a paragraph about chocolate chip cookies. Or just write “DAFFODILS!!!!”. I don’t care. Just please…make me feel like I’m not talking to myself (which is one reason I took a blog break). Anyway, but for those of you who did read my song (there are a couple of you I gave an early viewing to; THANK YOU!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! 😀 ), but I just wrote one that is one of my favorites. If you’d like an “early viewing” (like an ARC of a book, I guess I could call it…I dunno, an AVSL–Advanced Viewing of Song Lyrics, although it makes me sound like some distinguished songwriter, which I am not. I still need to polish my songwriting skills, which aren’t very good to begin with), e-mail me!! Talk to me, people, talk to me!! 😀 😉

Ok, fourth order of business: I want you guys to vote. Not like for a government position or whatever, but for a book. I need help on what to review next, but I have a lot in mind! Here’s the poll:

Also, for yearbook, I had told you all on LRRH that I’m working on a portfolio. However, I need you all to help me on something else; I need some people to survey. So if you’d like to participate, please leave a comment (you don’t have to put your e-mail down, unless you are certain I don’t know it and that you are not under a WordPress account and you are using a fake e-mail like abc@123.net.) OR e-mail me!!

Thanks, everyone!!!!!!! 😀


Meme and Miscellaneous April 16, 2009

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Wow, I’m getting more spam than before. Like everyday I’m getting spam. Yuck. 😛 

Also, my Google Reader new item count has gone down to eighteen! Woo-ee! Now I can start off on a clean slate by tomorrow and really, thoroughly read (and comment on–MORE) all your blog posts. Praises.

Aaanndd…please, please, please wish me luck tomorrow. I have to take this assessment test for the SAT prep class I’m taking over the summer, and I really do not want to fail. I don’t think I will, but still. Good luck is better than none. 😀 

And there’s a mosquito somewhere in our house. Eep! I don’t know where, but it’s freaking me out and I hope it doesn’t like computers and I hope it is a boy and not a girl. Apparently, my dad found one under my dining chair yesterday, and that’s really scary for me. I have entomophobia quite a bit. Cripes.

And I’m still suffering from blogger’s block a little (just a wee bit; I got over it quite a bit today, as I was out of town and got to “collect my thoughts” during the long drive 😉 ), so, as I was looking through my “new” one-month old items on Google Reader, I found that many of you did a Handbag Meme, and I just had to do it to show you all how a nerdess can be fashionable at the same time. 😉 (As a side note, I took the picture twice to get it just right. Also, in the background you can see the edit page for this blog post, although it is a little bright to tell. I’m using Google Chrome for blogging purposes. 😀 And you can see all the randomness piled up on and around my computer desk, haha.)dscf2021


Contents of the Nerdess’s Juicy Couture handbag (last year’s Christmas present! 😀 ) from right to left clockwise:

  • Two packs of Kleenex tissue (the random stuff in the back, on the right side)
  • Gucci wallet (which is pretty old, actually)
  • A penny
  • A Georgia state quarter (you probably can’t see, but it has the Georgia peach on it; I had it tail-side up)
  • My awesome red cellphone
  • My awesome red cellphone carrier thingy from this awesome antique Japanese store (there’s a better picture of it below “posing” with my old iPod carrier keychain, which just happens to be Pooky, Garfield the Cat’s teddy bear 😀 ; also, you can tell I’m lack of adjectives at the moment 😛 )
  • My lip gloss which I actually didn’t use today because I had a dentist’s appointment but it has a really pretty color anyway and tastes pretty good! 😀 
  • My lovely fifth-generation iPod classic, white, with plenty of scratches (or “veins” as I called them earlier today) on the back 😦
  • My pack of IceBreakers Lemon Iced Tea (muy delicioso! 😛 )
  • Somewhere in the back are two perfume samples I got from the mall today; they are two really thin strips of paper that say “Jo Malone” on them

But that’s not where the nerdiness begins. Indeed, I did also fit in that bag…

  • Keeping Score by Linda Sue Park (the book I was reading all day today, but it needed company, so I just had to bring along a few of its friends)
  • Dragon’s Breath by E.D. Baker
  • Enna Burning by Shannon Hale ( 😀 )
  • The Ballad of Lucy Whipple by Karen Cushman

So…let us learn that one can be both nerdy and chique at the same time. 😉 

To conclude, here is my little Japanese kitty cat who loves my cell with her best friend, Pooky. Any ideas for a name for my kitty? 😀 


Y’all blog too much. I can’t keep up. April 15, 2009

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Maybe it is sort of my fault for not checking Google Reader in months. And then for a few days.

But when I came back from my “disappearance”, I kind of thought I’d get like seven hundred new stuff, and it was just five hundred. That’s all. Plus, after cutting off the hundred something posts from MuggleNet, another hundred from Leaky Cauldron, and a few more from HPANA (yes, I subscribe to them all), it got narrowed down to about…eh, three hundred. Or two.

And I didn’t check for some time, and there were about one hundred seventy left. Geez Louise, how much do you guys blog and post??? Ay chico. I’m still working on reading them all, but the going is a bit slow since so many of your posts are eye-catching and I just have to stop and read them.

I’m not complaining. I want to thank you all. I still have one hundred thirty-three “items” (as Google Reader calls them) to read through, and I haven’t gotten through my beloved Harry Potter fan sites yet as of right now, being nine fifty-four prime meridian Pacific time.

As a side note, I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I’m not writing numbers anymore. It bothers me to see numbers, and somehow I feel like if I really want that degree in English, I have to start focusing on writing a lot, and that includes numbers. Weird, I know, but I can’t stand initials anymore either (note the “prime meridian”…but not the HPANA part. Okay, okay, so I should have said Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator, but I just had to look up to see just now what the full title of the site was called. I never can remember the “Automatic” part.)

Sorry for the boring post. I can’t beat you guys at writing amazing posts. Plus, I have blogger’s block at the moment. Grr. The only cool thing I can talk about right now is that I bought three songs from iTunes yesterday and I hate Apple for marking up Carrie Underwood and Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz’s “Lucky” (I bought the latter song anyway though, especially since I first heard it from a photo slide celebrating my cousin’s engagement. She’s getting married next week. Yay! Everyone’s getting married these days…). I also bought Emily West’s “Rocks In Your Shoes” (a great song if you ever feel like you’re never going to accomplish anything), and Tim Myers and Lindsey Ray’s “Brand New Day”, which I first heard in a Target commerical, haha! (I just noticed I bought two duets. Awesomeness.) I’m including videos from Youtube (I just figured out how to do that, and it’s so cool!!!! 😀 ) for all the songs here so you guys can all obsess over them like I am at the moment. 😉


Happy Easter!! (And In Which Two Worlds Collide) April 12, 2009

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Happy Easter, everyone!! Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day! 😀 

I woke up at five a.m. this morning to go really early to Mass (I’m Catholic, in case you didn’t know already) and sit at the front row. Then my parents and I went to IHOP for breakfast (I had some Nutella crepes–yum!), went home, and took a nap. I went to sleep at around noon, and woke up at six p.m. Go figure.

But anyway, the priest at the church I go to said something in his homily today that was really profound. People always say, “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again!” Today, he told us his favorite Easter saying: “Christ is risen, my life has meaning.” Even if you’re not Christian at all, or don’t even believe in God, Easter must have some meaning for you; it’s a renewal of your life that God gave you by His only Son’s death on the Cross. Our God is wonderful. 😀 

So what’s up with the whole “And In Which Two Worlds Collide” thing? The “Two Worlds” are (1) my Internet social life (LRRH, Goodreads, Twitter, “The Swooning Board” started by the awesomely cool Faith 😀 , blogs, et cetera) and (2) my yearbook life. In a sense, they’ve already somewhat collided: a bunch of my yearbook friends are on Goodreads or Twitter or have a blog (my friend Olivia has a Twitter and a blog, and my Goodreads friends Chloe, Hailey, Aria, and Ms McCarty are all from yearbook, the first being an Editor-in-Training as I am, the two in the middle being Editors-in-Chief, and the latter being the advisor). But I had a dream today. (Not like a Martin Luther King, Junior type “I Had a Dream”. Just a dream-dream. Like when you fall asleep. 😛 😉 ) When I took a nap, I had this dream that I was e-mailing Aria (who is the head Editor-in-Chief) because she had asked Chloe and I about some little project she wanted to do to wrap up the year. Apparently, it was like a collage or video or something that contained every event that had happened in the year, and she was asking us for ideas for other things. Well, I responded with, “Hey, don’t forget that Celes got married to TG this year! And that hwalk is getting married!” Um…Aria may be on Goodreads, but there is no way that she knows Nerd Goddess or Heather. But she e-mailed back saying, “Oh yeah! I totally need to include them! I can’t believe I forgot!”

Um…wow. My dreams are usually crazier, but that was beyond weird because…it actually seemed normal. But in real life, that’s just weird. It’s awesome to think that if my two favorite worlds did collide, something awesome like that would happen. And as I stated earlier, they have, to a certain degree, “collided”. Not Collision, though. 😉 


P.S. I may put up a post tomorrow about CoB April 2009! I haven’t done the random picking yet for what the category is this time, but I have a new idea for one, and I may put a link to another survey I have yet to make about my reviews! 😀

Protected: Writing, Writing, Writing April 10, 2009

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She is ALIVE!!! April 7, 2009

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YES!!! BB is ALIVE!! She’s alive, and she’s well! And she’s actually blogging!!! I know, AMAZING, isn’t it? She’s here, in person…wow. Wow wow wow.

And so why in the world were you gone, BB?

Um, heh heh, well. For a number of reasons. For one, school. Though the main reason is because I have to finish the fifty books lying around my house begging for me to finish them. Which I haven’t actually done yet. Ahem. But I think I needed that break. Right before I took my break from blogging, I was having this love/hate relationship with my blogs. I don’t know if you guys could “hear” it in the tone of my posts or not, but I had told a few of you guys in beforehand, like over gmail chat and emails and the sort.

But…you were on Twitter? And writing reviews?

Yep, I was on Twitter, quite a bit. I couldn’t imagine totally being cut off from you guys. And I did write a couple reviews, which I will post soon on Butterfly Forest. Yay! 😀 

Then who won Celebration of Blogs?

Aha! Now the wonderful question arises! I am extremely pleased to announce our winners…*trumpet fanfare*

Q and GEEKSPAWNGIRL!!!!!!!!!!

You two were named as the bloggers with the best username. If I may say so myself, the award is well deserved. I second the votes that governed this outcome to occur. And no, I do not think stating so is an example of my partiality.

Now I have a question for you all: has my “voice” changed? I keep getting essays that say I have a “clear writer’s voice” or a “developing writer’s voice” at school, and somehow, I feel like I sound so much different than before in my writing. I think I’ve gotten to be a bit more eloquent. And critical. Especially of my own writing, and sometimes, when I write “like” in places where I would actually say “like” (such as “It was so like weird!”), I cringe. And it ends up there anyway. Other times, I think I’m starting to sound snobby. Am I? I just know I’m “talking” a little differently here. Seriously? “I second the votes that governed this outcome to occur. I do not think stating so is an example of my partiality.” A few months ago, I would have just said, “Congrats! I think you guys have cool usernames, too! And I’m not like being biased or anything.” Wow. I think I have changed. O.O

And can I clear up a few things too? I’m not sure whether confusion has arisen or not, but I am NOT using my LiveJournal. I know I posted on there a few days ago, but as of now I am certain I will not be using it. And I am NOT moving. No me gusta LiveJournal. 😦 

My my my, I have so many things to talk about, but I don’t know where to start! Hm, how about a question? Ye or nay to having CoB this month? Or some writing from me? 😀