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2008 and 2009 January 6, 2009

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**JUST A QUICK UPDATE ON CoB** Submission date is January 31! The judging system has been removed, but if nods roll on in like crazy, I’ll alert you guys for help counting the votes. Don’t forget to blog about Celebration of Blogs!!! C’mon guys, it’s not that hard, is it? And answer the poll!

I didn’t properly leave 2008 and move on to 2009 as far as my blog goes unlike everyone else. First, I’ll start with the chorus of a really cool song I kinda know how to play: “My, Oh My” by the Wreckers. I think I’ll make it my official New Year’s song.

My, oh my
Look how the time flies
Look how the world changes
in the blink of an eye
My, oh my
Look how the years have flown
Turnin around before you know it
Up and gone
Oh my, oh my, oh my

You guys will think I’m a freak. Seriously. But–ok, no laughing, I’m right out serious–I predicted 2008 a few years ago (I believe it was 2006). I predicted it would be a MAJOR year of changes (and don’t say every year brings many changes). I didn’t really think it’d change my life in the way that it did, but, well, it sure did change my life. Here’s just a quick look back:

1. LRRH – need I say more? I met the awesomest people ever, and they definitely changed my life…and my addiction to the Internet

2. Blogging/Goodreads – all because of LRRH

3. Schools – I had a tough time in the springtime at my old school, but I switched for my sophomore year fall 08, and I LOVE my new school. A definite big change from a small private school to a medium sized public one.

4. Yearbook – I was always in yearbook since 8th grade, but my new school redefined the artsy part of it.

(Now here comes the real stuff, even though I love LRRH and the computer and my new school *coughusuallycough*and yearbook and stuff, this is the SERIOUS part.)

5. Friends – I had to leave friends like anime and Maggs, and friends had to leave my old school like I did–friends like Tessa and Wisdom of Youth (the latter graduated). Then, I met awesome friends, friends who were just as bookish as the ones I mentioned above, like Olivia, ChesneyS (she’s on Goodreads), Vannessa (also on Goodreads), Hannah (Goodreads too!)…there are a ton more. I feel like in 2008, God guided my steps, especially in friends. The crazy part of all this? I think He knew how much I really like hanging out with bookish people, and, as an addition, very Christian (or, if they’re not Christian, Christian-like) people, and that’s exactly what He gave me. Even better, a lot of my friends turned out to be Catholic like me! And on top of all the friends I met at school, I have all of my online friends, who are always in my thoughts and prayers even when I get banned from the computer, even though I’ve never met any of you. Love y’all, and I mean it.

6. *deep breath* Family – we’ve all become so close-knit, ever since what happened to my aunt. And thank goodness she’s perfectly fine now, but that was some roller coaster. I won’t ramble like I did on the “Friends” paragraph.

Now, for my resolutions. I have quite a few.

1. Pray the Rosary daily.

2. Read XYZ amount of books. (I’m embarassed to say the amount; it’s SOOO low compared to how much everyone read in 2008 alone.)

3. Blog at least every three days. (Ok, so I already started failing this. But better a tad bit late than never, right?)

4. Write a review every two weeks or less.

5. Be more prompt on e-mails.

6. Participate in Script Frenzy, NaNoWriMo, and NaBloPoMo (at least once this year for this one).

7. Finish writing Part I of Heaven’s Stars, half of Pandora’s Box, and half of Secrets of a Royal Sorceress.

8. Do everything faster and, therefore, more efficiently. (A major problem for me.)

9. Learn five new songs on the piano and ten new songs on the guitar, then practice them until I get good enough to post myself playing my favorites on YouTube.

10. Try to find time to read the Bible often.

Last note: I copied these off from my cell. Yeah. While I was banned, I jotted down blog notes on my cell. Perty awesome, especially since I figured out how to use T9 mode. w00t! 😀

edit: Some of you might notice I changed my Jango jukebox. On my “Who I Am” page, I will later update it and explain why I did that. On careful examination, one might see how there are fewer artists. Can you guys let me know what song plays? I’m guessing Ashley Monroe plays first…



1. spider - January 8, 2009

Happy (belated) New Year, BB!


Yep, Ashley Monroe, Pain Pain.

2. bookbutterfly - January 9, 2009

Happy New Year to you too, spider!

NaBloPoMo is National Blog Post Month. You do one post a month about a certain topic. I think I’m going to do it over the summer. 😀

I love that song! 😀

3. animeactress - January 16, 2009

haha. hi.
misses yooooooooou. at school.

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