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Merry Christmas!! December 26, 2008

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Merry Christmas to all of you!! Since I didn’t get to do a Thanksgiving post last month, I shall make a list of things that I am thankful for and that I love. 😀

  1. God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, the Saints, and the Church – ’nuff said, right? Without them, where would we be?
  2. My mom, my dad, and, yes, Kiki the dog, too – and I’m here because of my parents, and Kiki is kinda sorta my BFF. 😉
  3. My friends, both from ones I know personally and those I met online – because everyone needs a bit of craziness every now and then 😉
  4. Books and authors – awesome stuff from awesome people
  5. Music (*coughcoughcountrymusicmorelikecoughcough*) and talented artists – I’m sure the rest of you guys feel this way, but doesn’t all your troubles just seem to melt away when you listen to–or even create your own–music?
  6. The computer/the Internet – without it, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing right now–blog. Or go on LRRH. Or type up reports in an hour or an hour and a half versus like four hours by hand. Or research random stuff.
  7. Awesome websites – kinda goes up with above. This includes blogs, like…yours! 😀

And that’s just all the stuff I enjoy. What about stuff we really, really take advantage of here in America? Seriously, think about it: in other countries, people don’t get as much freedom as we do here, many live in poverty and hunger, thirst, and/or freeze in the cold weather nowadays, are unable to have health advantages (like medical care found right down the block), etc. And even stuff that we (if you are a teenager or younger) get sick and tired of, like school–yeah, yeah, I know I’ll sound like some hoity-toity adult, but many of us want to be writers, publishers, editors, perhaps even lawyers, doctors, architects, accountants…the list goes on. We couldn’t do any of that if we were unable to get an education, and there are kids out there with the same dreams as we do but may not get the chance to reach their goal. Gosh, how lucky am I to be born in such a place where you dream it and you can achieve it. Don’t you agree?

Wow, I really rambled on that subject…didn’t exactly mean to, but hope I got my point across. Since it’s past midnight here in CA, I hope you all had a very blessed, holy, relaxing, and pleasant Christmas! Love y’all lots. I just had this strange vision of all of us having an “Internet Christmas tree” and “decorating” it. Maybe we could figure out how to do it on here next year, like someone could draw a Christmas tree, and everybody would add in decorations by…I actually don’t know how we’d all put on the decorations. Anyway. ‘Nuff of my fanciful dreaming. Hopefully, maybe you guys can come up with a creative way to “decorate” an “Internet Christmas tree”.

One last thing before I go! Please, please, please blog about my 1st Annual Celebration of Blogs. If you guys comment here or on the Celebration of Blogs post, you’ll be automatically submitted into the contest. Blogging about it will get you submitted as well, just please leave a comment to let me know you’re spreading the word! If this contest doesn’t seem to be working out–and what I mean by that is, if I don’t get responses from at least 10 different bloggers that they would like to be a judge, find my contest idea great (and either comment about or email to me their thought), blog about it, etc–I may not do this contest at all, perhaps hold off until next year. So if you wanna do it, say it! 😀

♥Lots of Love and MOLD,




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