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Merry Christmas!! December 26, 2008

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Merry Christmas to all of you!! Since I didn’t get to do a Thanksgiving post last month, I shall make a list of things that I am thankful for and that I love. 😀

  1. God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, the Saints, and the Church – ’nuff said, right? Without them, where would we be?
  2. My mom, my dad, and, yes, Kiki the dog, too – and I’m here because of my parents, and Kiki is kinda sorta my BFF. 😉
  3. My friends, both from ones I know personally and those I met online – because everyone needs a bit of craziness every now and then 😉
  4. Books and authors – awesome stuff from awesome people
  5. Music (*coughcoughcountrymusicmorelikecoughcough*) and talented artists – I’m sure the rest of you guys feel this way, but doesn’t all your troubles just seem to melt away when you listen to–or even create your own–music?
  6. The computer/the Internet – without it, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing right now–blog. Or go on LRRH. Or type up reports in an hour or an hour and a half versus like four hours by hand. Or research random stuff.
  7. Awesome websites – kinda goes up with above. This includes blogs, like…yours! 😀

And that’s just all the stuff I enjoy. What about stuff we really, really take advantage of here in America? Seriously, think about it: in other countries, people don’t get as much freedom as we do here, many live in poverty and hunger, thirst, and/or freeze in the cold weather nowadays, are unable to have health advantages (like medical care found right down the block), etc. And even stuff that we (if you are a teenager or younger) get sick and tired of, like school–yeah, yeah, I know I’ll sound like some hoity-toity adult, but many of us want to be writers, publishers, editors, perhaps even lawyers, doctors, architects, accountants…the list goes on. We couldn’t do any of that if we were unable to get an education, and there are kids out there with the same dreams as we do but may not get the chance to reach their goal. Gosh, how lucky am I to be born in such a place where you dream it and you can achieve it. Don’t you agree?

Wow, I really rambled on that subject…didn’t exactly mean to, but hope I got my point across. Since it’s past midnight here in CA, I hope you all had a very blessed, holy, relaxing, and pleasant Christmas! Love y’all lots. I just had this strange vision of all of us having an “Internet Christmas tree” and “decorating” it. Maybe we could figure out how to do it on here next year, like someone could draw a Christmas tree, and everybody would add in decorations by…I actually don’t know how we’d all put on the decorations. Anyway. ‘Nuff of my fanciful dreaming. Hopefully, maybe you guys can come up with a creative way to “decorate” an “Internet Christmas tree”.

One last thing before I go! Please, please, please blog about my 1st Annual Celebration of Blogs. If you guys comment here or on the Celebration of Blogs post, you’ll be automatically submitted into the contest. Blogging about it will get you submitted as well, just please leave a comment to let me know you’re spreading the word! If this contest doesn’t seem to be working out–and what I mean by that is, if I don’t get responses from at least 10 different bloggers that they would like to be a judge, find my contest idea great (and either comment about or email to me their thought), blog about it, etc–I may not do this contest at all, perhaps hold off until next year. So if you wanna do it, say it! 😀

♥Lots of Love and MOLD,



BB’s 1st Annual Celebration of Blogs: Looking Forwards, Looking Back 2008-2009 December 24, 2008

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So…this might seem pretty last minute, but I just came up with this idea for a sort of contest while in the shower (I come up with the greatest blog post ideas in the shower, I’m serious). So lemme break it down to the basics:

Who: I’m the host. But because I’m the host, I cannot participate. NB: I am also a judge. See below on “How” for judging.

What: A contest about blogs. More info about each division below.

When: I haven’t set an exact time frame yet, but from now until probably early January 2009 will the contest last.

Where: Here, duh! That’s where all the announcing and stuff takes place.

Why: There are so many blogs out there that need some appreciation that isn’t always shown. Why not have a contest honoring blogs of all shapes and sizes, whether they win a prize or not?

How: As I am not a psychic, I cannot see the future and find out how the reception of this contest will be amongst my readers (though if it was my decision, everyone would want to be in it and think it’s a great idea). So for my helpers, or judges if you may, I am not entirely sure yet how many I will choose or need. If I get 20 comments all day today (Dec 24), I will pick about 5 judges. Who? Judges will be picked in order of comments. For example, say Blogger A, B, C, D, and E comment first; that means, I will choose all of them to be my judges (if I get 20 comments from 20 different people that is). But let’s say Blogger C doesn’t want to be a judge (stated through comment or email); however, Blogger Z left a comment (or perhaps sent me an email) saying he/she can be a judge if my judges back out. Therefore, Z will take C’s place as judge. Got it? If I get like 5 comments from 5 different people my first day, I’ll wager a guess that this contest won’t do so well and pick the first (and maybe second) blogger to help me out. Of course, if reception changes day by day, so will my number of judges. Judges will receive an email as soon as I figure out how this contest will do.


OK, so now for the real stuff. The boring part’s over; now all the things you all want to know are coming.

What are the possible things I could win? There are 4 different divisions (geez, I make it sound like I have 1000 participants):

  • Blog of the Year: The main award. This basically goes to the best blog of the year, one that’s absolutely outstanding (for example, excellent blog posts, beautiful template/layout, cool widgets, etc).
  • Blogger of the Year: This is a person who does just about everything: they have a blog (or blogs), comment all over the place with thoughtful comments, etc. I’m guessing that whoever is nominated for Blog of the Year can also be nominated for this.
  • Review Blog of the Year: Yes, it’s a whole separate ball game, review blog and blog. “Blog” basically means like a journal, and “review blog” is like…ok, you all know what that is. This is the award for the best review blog.
  • Rookie of the Year: Just started a blog this year? Maybe you’ll win this one! Although this prize might seem like the “little kid” award, I really like this one. I would want it to go to a blog that has tons of potential for the following year to snag one of the above awards. Watch out for nominees of this award!

Ok, sounds cool. But what will I win? Um…I don’t have the money to go out and buy like a $50 gift card to B&N or Borders for you guys, but what I will do is spend my time over break to make little widgets to put up on your blog or as your profile picture for whatever (maybe even your siggie for your email, LRRH, etc). I haven’t made them yet, but I have some really awesome designs in mind. Nominees will also receive these. This little prize might even attract more readers; who knows? 😀 If I get too busy over vacation, I might “hire” a few of you guys for free to help me make them, if my program turns out to not work out right.

So what if I want to do this contest on my blog on my own? *le gasp* So you don’t want to be a judge? That’s alright, you want to do it on your own. Since I believe that it is possible to plagiarize a contest, please, please, PLEASE leave me a comment or shoot me an email that you want to do this contest on your own (hmph, maybe you think you could do a better job of it or whatever 😉 ). I would also really appreciate it if you mention this blog and link to here!

Anything else? Of course! A lot of you are already eligible for some of the prizes above. Anyone who has left me a comment within the last two months is eligible for “Blogger of the Year” (but not necessarily nominated; you must leave a comment here first!!); anyone who has left me a comment within the two weeks is also eligible for “Blog of the Year” (also not necessarily nominated, but it brings you one step ahead! Just comment!!) Also, I may be tracking my footsteps all over your blog with a “siggie” in comments saying something like “visit my blog for the contest” or whatever. 😀 Just letting you guys know so you don’t think I’m being a weirdo or I’m trying to annoy y’all with a shameless plug.

I have a comment/question/concern/feedback. Besides the last part about feedback, you sound like my 6th grade teacher! She always used to say that at the end of everyday in case we had homework questions, etc. Anyway, just email me! I love email! I’ve posted my email at the side, but if you don’t see it, it is bookbutterflyangel [at] yahoo [dot] com OR lady [dot] dashti [at] gmail [dot] com. Also, I would absolutely love feedback! I may not do this contest at all if it doesn’t seem to be working out so well, so please send me mail letting me know so that I don’t waste my time on nothing!!

Thank you all for reading my blog!! I ♥ y’all! 😀

 ♥Lots of Love and MOLD,


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let Me Know! December 20, 2008

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I’m seeing snow everywhere. Not real snow, like outside on the ground (then that would be totally weird; I live in SoCal, where we call a drizzle a “storm” and snow NEVER falls), but snow on blogs. WordPress blogs. So…can one of you WordPress savvy gals help me get snow on your blog? I’m praying and hoping it doesn’t consist of DOWNLOADING something. Bleh. Because I looked it up earlier and that seemed to be the only option. Somehow, I figure I could get a better answer from you guys. Because you guys are smarter than those other WordPress peoples who give answers I don’t want to hear. 😉

Well, anyway, thanks in advance everybody!!

Lots of Love and MOLD,

BB 😀 ♥

About the Last Post December 18, 2008

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‘Kay, I know I’ve been away forever, but I wrote the last post last week, so I actually have to put in more, but it’s long enough already so it’ll have some sequels. You guys don’t wanna miss this one! It’s probably my favorite post (for its hilarity…if that’s a word), so for those of you who know the past passwords just type that into the box. The reason for it’s security is because I’m a little afraid someone from school might find it and read it (someone, like, who isn’t a friend of mine *le gasp* 😉 ). And I’d hate for some random person searching for stuff like “project playlist doesn’t work”, “bob dunn steel guitar”, and “leeann sue parks” to find it and read it (NB: those are true search titles. If you do not have the password, just email me and I will send it to you asap. Remember, you can contact me at:

bookbutterflyangel [at] yahoo [dot] com


lady [dot] dashti [at] gmail [dot] com


my other, very mysteriously hidden email 😉 (which I don’t post on the web but only school friends know this one)

Side note for those who have Gmail: I have just sent out about a dozen gmail chat invites (since I’d love to chat w/ you guys more, especially when I can’t get on LRRH!!), and one of you (go Delaney!! You rock, girl! 😀 ) has responded and agreed so far. So if you haven’t received an invite yet and you want to chat with me, just leave me a comment or zip off an email.

Sorry Yahoo-ers: my Y!IM doesn’t really work. I don’t really have the time to download the darn thing, and I only use Mail Classic because the new Yahoo mail doesn’t work for me (it won’t delete my emails for some reason…)

Yet I still have dozens of posts to write!! Gack!! And guys, please check out my NEW REVIEW at Butterfly Forest!! I’m so happy about it! You’ll all love it! It was for a project for English, and I got an A on it! (not meaning to brag, o’course… 😉 ). 😀

Protected: School Life: Vol. 1, Issue 2: The Feminist in Me December 18, 2008

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