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In which I talk of…well, random stuff. July 27, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in blogs and blogging, Kiki, music.

This is not a rebirth of the old Random Remixes, which were thoroughly annoying in their prime. But yes, this is a post about random blah-blah-blah.

Google Reader. What a handy little overwhelming tool. Yikes. You know what happens when you get lazy for, eh, I don’t know, three months? You get 215 items from about 30-something of your friends’ blogs. Not that I’m complaining, since y’all write such great blog posts, but it’s actually a ton of fun to look through so many posts at one time.

Butterfly Forest. Woohoo! Finished my album review. It’d be real nice of y’all to go check it out! Don’t forget to check out the poll!

Kiki. The little rascal of a dog. She won’t eat her doggie food; she’ll only eat food off the floor, and when she does that….well, I hope none of you are eating something while reading this, but she…never mind. So this afternoon, she finally decided to eat her doggie food (reluctantly), with her tail right between her hind legs. She might as well grumble, too, while she’s at it. *roll* Another thing; so in our house, the door to the backyard has a window, and near the door is Kiki’s bed. So I went to the backyard to check out how my dad was doing (he’s doing a little woodwork project), and decided to practice some Irish dance steps, since I’m going to Irish dance day camp starting tomorrow. Lo and behold, my canine starts barking at me from inside the house. Note well, my friends, that Kiki is like the little annoying sister in the movies and on TV that tries to do everything her older sister does. Yep, that’s Kiki alright. She starts barking her head off at me as if to say, “Hey! What are you doing out there? I want to come out too! I want to Irish dance!” Oi, and have I told y’all about Kiki’s aversion to the song “Memory”, from the musical Cats? When I get in spazzy mode (which is often and somewhat frightening 😉 ), I start “bark-singing” “Memory”, and, whaddya know, Kiki starts joining me. Like howling and barking along. I’ve recorded it…but it’s awfully strange and I don’t know how to put it on here.

Anyway, so that’s that. For B1000 readers, I may make the blog public again, and I hope to have a post written up in a few mins.



1. Rebecca Joy - July 29, 2008

Question; B1000 readers?Kiki sounds like a funny dog. 😉

2. bookbutterfly - July 30, 2008

Oh, Rebecca, B1000 is the shorthand term for another one of my blogs, Blog of a Thousand Days. It used to be private, but now it’s public, and there’s an excerpt of my writing you could read on there.Kiki is a crazy and funny (and rather annoying dog), trust me. 😉

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