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YouTube, Netflix, and Lists July 25, 2008

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I’m BA-ACK! Again.

Anyway, I got a YouTube account! It’s right here, so if you want to watch my fave vids or friend me, go right ahead and do so. Enjoy! And yes, that I am indeed subscribing to country music artists. *is very proud of self*

Anyone who gets movies from Netflix? I’ve seen so many movies already (I’ve been listing them) and, well, we’ve been getting a lot of cool stuff!

Speaking of lists, I’ve been making a ton of lists lately: favorite books, favorite movies, and how I compare to the typical teen (the last of which I found 25 MAJOR differences at least). If wanted, I can delight you all in lists in those (Netflix movies seen, favorite books, favorite movies, and the differences lists).

Another thing: I’ve been needing to change the template. I shall be doing that soon and try to post more on both here, B1000, and BF. Sorry for holding y’all up! 😦

Last but not least, I have a sort of survey question for everyone: What’s the best book that you’ve read this summer, not counting re-reads?



1. geekspawngirl - July 26, 2008

Best book would have to be The Princess Bride or Fablehaven 3.

2. spider - July 27, 2008

The list of how you compare to the typical teen would be very amusing. I’d like to see that.Is it sad that I can’t really remember what books I’ve read this summer? I had to look at my reading history on the library website. Okay, I’m going to say either {Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson (because it was good, but I didn’t like the ending much) or The Siren Song by Anne Ursu (because it made me laugh).

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