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On the close of Foreign Language Week… July 6, 2008

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Just yesterday did I realize it was Foreign Language Week. Ok, actually, I read a whole bunch of blog posts from y’all about it, so what better day to close it off with a post like this one? Remember that post on BBT? Where hyper-active BB was getting crazed about that? If, for those of you who first read that post, didn’t get excited b/c they used the same covers, you won’t believe the Korean B1000 cover. It’s due out on July 15, and I screamed–really, SCREAMED–in my seat when I first saw it. Ta-da!To see a bigger picture, you can click on it. I think (I’ll have to check with my dad later) that the title is “Book of a Princess’s Maid”. If you can’t see the picture too well, still, the tower is on the right, Song for Evela is up on the hill, Dashti is in the purple, Saren is in the pink, and Khasar *SPOILERS; highlight the blank* as a wolf can be seen standing on the rock.Upon further investigation (gee, that sounded fancy), I found that it was drawn to look similar to the Alison Jay TGG cover. Take a look below:
Neat, eh? So, that’s cool thing #1. Cool thing #2 is that my dad taught me some Korean characters–basic ones–and we read through Day 1 of the Korean B1000. OK, actually, my dad read them to me and pointed out the ones I know to have me say them aloud and learn them. So, steadily, I’m learning some Korean. Cool thing #3? The site we found the excerpt on (the B1000 page for it can be found here, for those of you who are able to read Korean, like cuileann), AladdinUS.com, has a special event going on for Shannon’s books. If you can’t read it, it says that to celebrate “the best book of the year” (that’s the yellow characters on the “event” link), if you buy any one of Shannon’s books–TGG, EB, RS, PA, or B1000–you’re automatically entered (twice) into the sweepstakes to win tickets to the movies for 100 people! When I showed that to my dad to translate for me, he said, “Hey! We can win tickets to the movies for 100 people? Do we know 100 people?” Then he added in B1000 to the shopping cart (as a joke, sadly). It was hilarious! But maybe, one day, when I can read more Korean, I shall get my hands on every single copy of Shannon’s Korean bks.
Last note: AL is also available in Korean. I don’t get the cover (the illustrations on it, are, I think, something where you have to read it to understand it), but for those of you who have read it, you can check it out here. Other bks I’ve found on this site are A Single Shard (Linda Sue Park), Kira-Kira (Cynthia Kadohata), Penny from Heaven (Jennifer L. Holm), Half Magic (Edward Eager), Catherine, Called Birdy and The Midwife’s Apprentice (Karen Cushman) and most of the works of Kate DiCamillo and Eleanor Estes. There are a few others, but I can’t list them off the top of my head. If you want to take a look at any of these titles–or any other books I haven’t listed–I will and can gladly do some research and find the Korean versions of them. Just comment below or e-mail me or PM me on LRRH, and I will find them. Do note, however, that not US titles are available in Korea.


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