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Before I begin the real "literary" stuff… July 4, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in books, miscellaneous.

…perhaps I should just tell you what’s going to be on here.

***Quotable Quotes: These are quotes that I take from stuff that I’m reading now that I find interesting, funny, thought-provoking….you get it, right?
***Song Analysis: Sounds weird, but it won’t be. I’ll take a song (most likely one from my Project Playlist) and analyze it–show you how it fits whatever bk.
***Current Reads: Self-explanatory, what I’m reading, what I think of it so far, etc.
***Announcements: Announce reviews on Butterfly Forest
***New Stuff: Books that have come out and I can’t wait to read them!
***MOLDy Trivia: strange facts I find about certain bks I’ve read, am reading, or will read, and how I can connect w/ certain characters…eerily.

I’ll probably add in a few more stuff, like things recommended to me, any MOLDy stories that I just want to put here instead of MOLD4EVR or BBT.

How does this all sound to y’all?



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