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Talk About Crazy Dreams! June 20, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in books, dreams, movies, writings.

I don’t know why, but ever since summer “officially” started again, I’ve been having crazier dreams than ever. Maybe my “creativity” is coming back to me, or something, but I’ve been having really random dreams. You know, stuff like LRRHers in a wagon cart *roll*, but last night I had a really, really, weird dream. It was like I was watching a movie; a Hayao Miyazaki movie, but it was adapted from MY book. But I’ve never had the idea for this book before. It was so real, so when I woke up this morning (ok, at 11 am, then), I thought, “THAT is my idea for my book!” You see, last night I officially decided to be a writer. Officially decided. It’s going to be hard, I know, but just maybe this idea–this crazy idea–is going to be the book that will help me be a writer. I know, I know, I probably sound like my brain is in fairy-tale land or whatever, but it’s true! Anyhow, so in addition to writing Heaven’s Stars and Pandora’s Box, I’m going to write this new one. I think I’ll call it…The Elements, though that’s tentative.

Other BB news…hm…oh, yes, I finished Part 1 of B1000 last night and I’m in Part 2 now! I started really reading it on Monday (shows you how slow I am), so hopefully I’ll be able to do a review on it next wk on Butterfly Forest! Stay tuned! 😀



1. cuileann - June 21, 2008

I’ve been dreaming a lot more since summer started too…I think because I’m sleeeping so much!

2. Delaney - June 21, 2008

I remember a lot of my dreams, and all of them are interesting. I’ve been having a lot of Catholic dreams lately… About the Protestant Reformation, and Judas Iscariot, and someone preaching to me about Sola Scriptura. So weird… I also have storyish dreams. Someday I’ll do a long blog post about my best story-dreams.

3. bookbutterfly - June 21, 2008

cuil: Hehe, I’ve been sleeping so late too. I thought that me turning off my alarm clock this morning (at 10) and falling back asleep was a dream, too, but it actually wasn’t. *roll*Delaney: Wow, interesting dreams! I don’t think I’ve ever had historical or religious dreams before…I would love to hear about your story-dreams!In addition to my post, I think I’m going to start that story tonight! 😀

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