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Wanted: An Expert Blogger Person. June 8, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in blogs and blogging, miscellaneous, music, Music Mania 2008.

OK, can some “expert blogger person” please tell me how to make sticky posts? Because I will need to do them when I get my new template for the Quote of the Week. I need to know ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

[edit: Also, MM2008 Updates: Instead of having a whole post for each song, they will be presented on the right with the lyrics. It’s just easier that way for me.]



1. Madison - June 9, 2008

First, publish the post. Then go and edit it. At the bottom of the draft box, there should be something called “Post Options”. Click on that. At the right is a something that shows the date and time of the post. Just change the year to like 2009 or something, hit publish, and it should be sticky.Don’t change the date before initially publishing the post; otherwise it will become a scheduled post and won’t appear until the date you selected. You have to publish it with a normal date first.At least, I think that’s what I remember reading….

2. bookbutterfly - June 9, 2008

OK, I need to try that. Thanks, Anilee! I knew you’d probably be that “expert blogger person”. 😉 Also, do you know how to change comments to something else? Ex: on Taiger’s blog, she has musical notes instead of “comments”. How do you change that?

3. cuileann - June 9, 2008

^You go to “Layout,” then click on the “Blog Posts” box. It’s in there.I’m glad you asked the first question, I’d been wondering that myself.

4. Madison - June 9, 2008

Ha. Yeah…I’ve got nothing better to than play around on Blogger and read the FAQs…

5. bookbutterfly - June 9, 2008

cuil: Thanks! I knew I’d see in before, but I couldn’t remember where…like what I changed it to?Anilee: No, it’s just that I’ve seen you answer other peoples Blogger questions (and a few of my own). Thanks again!

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