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YAY!!!!!! My Result on the Classic Hollywood Actress Quiz June 1, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in movies, quizzes.

You’re Like: Audrey Hepburn

Stylish, sophisticated, subdued and always impeccable, both in dress and demeanor, that’s Audrey and that’s you, too. The actress won people over with her onscreen skills and her off-screen charity work helping children in need. She’s the ultimate example of someone who is beautiful inside and out.

Want to rent some films starring Audrey? Check out Roman Holiday, Sabrina, My Fair Lady or Funny Face. Modern-day actresses you have a lot in common with are Natalie Portman, Joy Bryant and Penelope Cruz.


w00t! Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress of all-time! I’ve seen most all of her movies. I’ve taken quizzes like this before, and I always get her. My mom always says I sorta have the same little chin as she does; Audrey is also my mom’s favorite actress, that she also thought about naming me Audrey! I’m so happy I got Audrey!!!!!!! 😀 *happy dance*

[edit: the quiz can be taken here.]



1. Summermoon - June 1, 2008

Hey! I got Audrey Hepburn as well! Just one more way in which we are alike…;)

2. geekspawngirl - June 1, 2008

I was Elizabeth Taylor.

3. bookbutterfly - June 1, 2008

Summermoon: YAY! Audrey Hepburn rocks. I know seriously, Summermoon, aren’t we twins from the opposite sides of the planet? 😉 Have you seen her movies, btw?TRG: Schweet; Elizabeth Taylor is awesome, too. She was so funny in Little Women!

4. Jess - June 2, 2008

I was Elizabeth Taylor. But I love Audrey Hepburn movies. As a matter of fact, my sister and I were watching Roman Holiday earlier. 🙂

5. bookbutterfly - June 2, 2008

Me love Roman Holiday! It’s so sad at the end, though. *sniffle* Funny Face was so cute, and Sabrina and My Fair Lady are classics. 😀

6. Jess - June 2, 2008

I’ve seen all of those and loved them. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is also really, really good. The end makes me cry happy tears. 🙂

7. bookbutterfly - June 3, 2008

Ya know the stinkiest thing? I haven’t seen BaT’s yet! The last time I remembered to add it to my Netflix list was when I was 12, and my mom didn’t think it was the most appropriate thing…of course, I know what it’s about and all. I’ve heard it wasn’t the greatest, but that her clothes were beautiful!

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