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Nota Bene May 31, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in birthdays, blogs and blogging, miscellaneous, Music Mania 2008, quizzes.
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Oof, sorry I haven’t been on in forever! In case there are any misgivings against me (which I don’t think there are, knowing you guys, but like I said, just in case), I would just like to clear things up and say that I haven’t been on the computer (ie: Blogger, LRRH) in four days, and I was unable to check anything due to crazy stuff and HW. So sorry, sorry, sorry again! I also have finals coming up, so I’ll probably diappear yet again. I’ll give a shot at scheduled posting.

BTW, although the last post was about my b-day and I had that up forever was totally on accident. I meant to post more on MM after my b-day, but I couldn’t use the computer after that. Even though it may have looked like I was trying to spread the news about my b-day (which I was not at all trying to), it was a complete accident. I only posted that b/c the info on it was funny and I thought that the perfect day to post it would be my b-day. So I’m really sorry about that again. I have to check out y’all’s blogs. *goes off to do so* 😉




1. spider - May 31, 2008

Good luck on your finals!

2. bookbutterfly - June 1, 2008

Thanks! Hopefully I won’t have to take geometry and Spanish, so cross your fingers!

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