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A Very Pointless Post May 24, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in blogs and blogging, books, miscellaneous, writings.

Sorry for a really pointless, time-killing post, but…I thought I can enlighten y’all on something you might hear your annoying classmates/neighbors say once in awhile:

So, like you should like say this like in a like Valley girl like accent because like it makes it like more like funner. Like why do like people like say like “like” like all the like time? I mean it like is like so like really like annoying. Like one day can we like not like say like “like” like at all? I mean like please like peoples.

Hehe, *clears throat* ahem. That was sorta funny. Anyhow…I’m so behind on RR reviews. Sorry, everyone! I promise I will try to do schedulized (if that’s a word) posts from now on so that there is a new review more often. I’m working on a “Ratatouille” review at present, though for some reason, my “creative juices” aren’t flowing very well. *sigh* Maybe I can switch off between that one and the “Coco” album review. Or write some of Gracechurch Girls. *goes off to write*



1. cuileann - May 25, 2008

Oh dear…I just finished a book which cited a lot of interviews with teenaged girls, and their “like” usage, even though it wasn’t over what would be considered normal in conversation, was rather cringe-inducing to read.

2. bookbutterfly - May 25, 2008

I try not to say “like” often, but sometimes it just comes out. It’s really annoying. I need to break that habit. But I don’t say it as often as I did in that post.

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