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Random Question… May 20, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in books, miscellaneous, movies, survey.

This is something completely random, but it’s been bugging me for the past several days.

Okey-doke, so I have this fictional character tag thing coming up, but before I post it, I was wondering what fic characters I remind y’all of? Like when you see me on LRRH or on here or wherever, what character from where do you see me as?

Thanks, everyone! 😀



1. Animeactress - May 22, 2008

i stand corrected. this is the shortest post.ummmmm. sorry BB i cant think of any. ill let you know if i do though.

2. Summermoon - May 22, 2008

Hmmm, I don’t really think of you as any particular character in a book or movie…

3. bookbutterfly - May 22, 2008

anime: Obviously, I’m trying to make shorter posts. ;)But that’s OK, anime and Summermoon. 😀 It was a dumb question, anyhow.

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