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Nota Bene May 31, 2008

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Oof, sorry I haven’t been on in forever! In case there are any misgivings against me (which I don’t think there are, knowing you guys, but like I said, just in case), I would just like to clear things up and say that I haven’t been on the computer (ie: Blogger, LRRH) in four days, and I was unable to check anything due to crazy stuff and HW. So sorry, sorry, sorry again! I also have finals coming up, so I’ll probably diappear yet again. I’ll give a shot at scheduled posting.

BTW, although the last post was about my b-day and I had that up forever was totally on accident. I meant to post more on MM after my b-day, but I couldn’t use the computer after that. Even though it may have looked like I was trying to spread the news about my b-day (which I was not at all trying to), it was a complete accident. I only posted that b/c the info on it was funny and I thought that the perfect day to post it would be my b-day. So I’m really sorry about that again. I have to check out y’all’s blogs. *goes off to do so* 😉



May 25 May 25, 2008

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BB’s Birthdate: May 25

You excel at anything difficult or high tech.
In other words, you’re a total (brilliant) geek.
It’s difficult for you to find people worth spending time with.
Which is probably why you’ll take over the world with your evil robots!Your strength: Your unfailing logic

Your weakness: Loving machines more than people

Your power color: Tan

Your power symbol: Pi

Your power month: July

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
I think what they meant by the “evil robots” are the LRRHers. 😉 Anyhow, this is BB Times’ 25th post! How appropriate, being that this is the 25th of May!
[edit: Darn it, I counted wrong! This is actually the 24th post! *scowls*)

Music Mania 2008: Day 3 May 25, 2008

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Yesterday, I bought Julianne Hough’s album off of iTunes (yes, she’s the 2-time winner of DWTS…), and I’m having problems getting her single, “That Song In My Head” out of my head! Of course, that’s a good thing, since I love the song, and I think y’all will, too. See for yourself!

That Song In My Head~Julianne Hough

You were hangin’ your feet off the tailgate of Billy Don’s ford
I grew up in this little bitty of town never seen you before
You were swayin’ in the moonlight while the radio played
And I’ve,
I’ve had that song in my head all day, yeah

It was a sweet southern soulful thing that got me down deep
You caught me starin’ at you but your smilin’ back at me
Started slingin’ that air guitar
Man, you sure can play
And I’ve had that song in my head all day

I don’t know who sings it
I keep searchin’ the radio
I just wanna hear it
So I can watch that video
I got in my head of a blue-eyed boy
Dancin’ in the bed of a two-tone ford
Oh lord it’s love I just can’t say
But I’ve,
I’ve had that song in my head all day, yeah

I said “How ’bout an autograph for your, your biggest fan?”
You wrote your name and your number in the palm of my hand
My heart and that big bass speaker were thumpin’ away
And I’ve, I’ve had that song in my head all day


Been in my head all day

A Very Pointless Post May 24, 2008

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Sorry for a really pointless, time-killing post, but…I thought I can enlighten y’all on something you might hear your annoying classmates/neighbors say once in awhile:

So, like you should like say this like in a like Valley girl like accent because like it makes it like more like funner. Like why do like people like say like “like” like all the like time? I mean it like is like so like really like annoying. Like one day can we like not like say like “like” like at all? I mean like please like peoples.

Hehe, *clears throat* ahem. That was sorta funny. Anyhow…I’m so behind on RR reviews. Sorry, everyone! I promise I will try to do schedulized (if that’s a word) posts from now on so that there is a new review more often. I’m working on a “Ratatouille” review at present, though for some reason, my “creative juices” aren’t flowing very well. *sigh* Maybe I can switch off between that one and the “Coco” album review. Or write some of Gracechurch Girls. *goes off to write*

Music Mania 2008: Day 2 May 24, 2008

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Oops, sorry I missed a day of MM, guys, but….here’s a song you have got to love. If you’re a Sugarland fan, you’ll know that Day 2’s song was one of their first, and the one that led them to their successful career today. What was all the hype about over Sugarland’s sweet music? Listen to this awesome summer song, and enjoy the wonderful message it sends!

Baby Girl~Sugarland

They say in this town, stars stay up all night,
Don’t know, can’t see ‘em for the glow of the neon lights
And it’s a long way from here to the place where the home fires burn.
Well it’s two thousand miles and one left turn.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Please send money, I’m so broke that it ain’t funny.
I don’t need much, just enough to get me through.
Please don’t worry ’cause I’m all right,
I’m playin’ here at the bar tonight.
This time, I’m gonna make our dreams come true.
Well, I love you more than anything in the world…
Your baby girl

Black top, blue sky, big town full of little white lies.
Well, everybody’s your friend: you can never be sure.
They’ll promise fancy cars and diamond rings, all sorts of shiny things,
But, girl, you’ll remember what your knees are for.


I know that I’m on my way.
I can tell every time I play.
And I know it’s worth all the dues I pay,
When I can write to you and say

Dear Mom and Dad,
I’ll send money. I’m so rich that it ain’t funny.
It oughtta be more than enough to get you through.
Please don’t worry ’cause I’m all right,
I’m stayin’ here at the Ritz tonight
Whaddya know, we made our dreams come true.
And there are fancy cars and diamond rings,
But you know that they don’t mean a thing.
They all add up to nothin’ compared to you.
Well, remember me in ribbons an’ curls.
I still love you more than anything in the world…
Your baby girl.

Ah yeah. Your baby girl.

(Dear Mom and Dad,
Please send money, I’m so broke that it ain’t funny. Don’t need much, just enough to get me through.)
Your baby girl.
(Please don’t worry ’cause I’m all right,
Playin’ here at the bar tonight.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.)

Dreams come true.

Music Mania 2008: Day 1 May 22, 2008

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OK, so before I start off, I have a new thing here at BB Times, and it’s called Music Mania! Every year, a few days before summer vacation starts, I’m going to start this, and every day I will post the Music Mania song of the day. This year’s theme is “Summer Girl Songs”, so listen up, gals! The song of the days will have a link to the video (or at least the music), along with the lyrics. Awesome, or what? Since MM 2008’s theme is “Summer Girl Songs”, what better to start off with a song actually called “Summer Girl”? (NB: MM may appeal more to country fans, since my line-up for this year is all country. But seriously, all of these songs are really good, and y’all should hear them anyway–or at least read the lyrics!)

Summer Girl~Jessica Andrews

Other MMs will have the whole lyrics, but since I myself don’t really care for it (it’s the music I like!), I’m just going to post the chorus and the rap/bridge (my favorite part) here.

‘Cause I’m just a summer girl
I wear my flip flops
When I let my hair down
That’s when the party starts
Who needs a boyfriend
I got my girl friends
When we get together
The summer never ends
Yeah yeah, oh oh oh

Everybody needs a little bit of sunshine
Everybody needs time to unwind
Everybody’s got to have a good time
(I’m just a summer girl)
Everybody get up on your feet
Everybody got to shake your body
Everybody got a right to be free
(I’m just a summer girl)
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)

Kinda Scary, But Really Cool! May 21, 2008

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OK, so things have been just a tad bit crazy lately, and so today, when I turned on my iPod, I realized I last left off on “One Day You Will” by [who else?] Lady Antebellum. It was so scary–but in such a cool way! The lyrics were almost calling out to me, telling me exactly what I’m going through, how I’m going to get through it, and that all will be well in the end. Not only that, the music itself is so good, and the lyrics are top-notch. I’m going to post them here for y’all, in case some of you might be feeling a little down. Go out and listen to the whole thing here.

You feel like you’re falling backwards
Like you’re slippin’ through the cracks
Like no one would even notice
If you left this town and never came back
You walk outside and all you see is rain
You look inside and all you feel is pain
And you can’t see it now

But down the road the sun is shining
In every cloud there’s a silver lining
Just keep holding on (just keep holding on)
And every heartache makes you stronger
But it won’t be much longer
You’ll find love, you’ll find peace
And the you you’re meant to be
I know right now that’s not the way you feel
But one day you will

You wake up every morning and ask yourself
What am I doing here anyway
With the weight of all those disappointments
Whispering in your ear
You’re just barely hanging by a thread
You wanna scream but you’re down to your last breath
And you don’t know it yet

[Repeat Chorus]

Find the strength to rise above
You will find just what you’re made of, you’re made of

[Repeat Chorus]

One day you will
Oh one day you will

Random Question… May 20, 2008

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This is something completely random, but it’s been bugging me for the past several days.

Okey-doke, so I have this fictional character tag thing coming up, but before I post it, I was wondering what fic characters I remind y’all of? Like when you see me on LRRH or on here or wherever, what character from where do you see me as?

Thanks, everyone! 😀

The Ditzy Chronicles Part 1 May 19, 2008

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Song in My Head: “Lookin’ for a Good Time”, Lady Antebellum (it’s such an awesome song, I can’t help but get it stuck in my head!)

Before I start, I may want to explain exactly what this is. This is about the things that I, the ditz, have recently figured out. Oh, yes…

COLA is actually a generic term. Pepsicola has nothing to do with Coca-Cola.

WHAT?! OK, so I always knew that Pepsi and Coke were enemies, but since when is Cola a generic term? Tell me!!!!! *roll*

Wow, that was actually a really short post. 😉

Something I Noticed… May 18, 2008

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Song in My Head: “Lookin’ for a Good Time” by Lady Antebellum (w00t!! They’re awesome!)

Something I’ve noticed lately is that….most things (mind that I wrote the word “MOST”) that I first think that I’m going to totally HATE I end up getting OBSESSED with. Weird, huh? So I decided to make a little list of those things. I put them in chronological order that I got obsessed with them. 😉

1. Harry Potter: OK…so, I really did not like it at all. Honestly, the books came out when I was 4, and I started reading chapter books a couple years later, but…I think if my mom hadn’t bought the books just because, I don’t think I’d ever pick them up even when I was able to read them. (sorry if that didn’t make any sense) Look at me now: I’m freakishly obsessed with HP; I’ve memorized the HP trio’s full names (including middle name), as well as their b-days. *roll*

2. Country music: Yep, this is on the list, too. Well, when I was little, my mom would say how much she didn’t like country, so I just agreed with her just because she was my mom. What I didn’t know was that LeAnn Rimes’ “How Do I Live” and Faith Hill’s “Breathe” and “This Kiss” were country (and I loved those songs when I was little!). So…now, as you probably know, I love, love, love, love country music like crazy.

3. iPods and iTunes: Even in 6th and 7th grade, I had a little grudge against peoples with iPods. Until I got my first two years ago. And then…the rest is history! 🙂

4. Shannon Hale (more specifically, PA): Well, I think it’s just easier if you read this explanation (read Ch. 3) then me to retell the whole story. 😕

5. LRRH: Seriously, guys, I have a confession to make: I did not like LRRH at all when I first went on. Honest to goodness. I dunno why, I guess when I clicked the PA subforum, the whole thing seemed too whacked out to me (I know what y’all are gonna say: “speak for yourself!”), and all the siggie pics were all new to me. That was in Nov 2007. A few weeks later, I went on again, and I liked it better and better each time I went on (OK, well the Great Crash of 2008 prevented me from going on for a week or so) until I finally decided to join. Maybe I’m just a little obsessed with it…. 😉 Well, I’ve made terrific friends on the forum, and I feel so totally lucky to be an LRRHer, where geeks rule the world! muahahahahahah 😀