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Extremely Random Stuff April 27, 2008

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Song in My Head: “Down” by Miranda Lambert

So, since I’ve been away at HW-land for a week, I’m sort of in an interesting mood. So I’ll list the stuff I’m thinking about, what I have to do, etc.

-I feel so loved. Not that I’m an ingrate or anything, but when I got my new e-mail, I didn’t do anything with it unti today. I mean, I found how many people I keep in contact with daily (or often) and added their e-mails in my Contacts and I ended up with 33 people! And I can’t forget the other friends and family I have in my life who don’t have an e-mail or do have an e-mail but I don’t know it. Plus, I got my first e-mail on that one from a real human. Not a computer bot like Goodreads, but a real human PERSON. Wow.
-I really adore the sayings, “wow and soil”, “grr and foil” (animeactress’ spin on our favorite interjection), “tree sap”, and “Kartik the Daffodil”. I also enjoy calling anime “Kartika”.
-I’m also learning to do this little wavy finger thing that anime is very talented at.
-I’m a little stressed, but it’s the good kind of stress, the one that keeps you busy. Eustress is the scientific name for it (learned that in Health). If you’ve heard “Nothin’ Better to Do” by LeAnn Rimes, I know I always have something better to do. With that said, I shall commence with my handy-dandy to-do list:
1. Finish HW (OK, well, that’s not really fun, but….it does keep me busy; I’m trying to be a bit optimistic here!)
2. Clean and organize old papers from this year and last (yes, I have last year’s papers still; grr…)
3. Finish reading stuff for school (Kidnapped and Left to Tell)
4. Write, write, write (as well as re-write; I never though about re-writing until I started recently, and it’s all because of Shannon Hale)! And about writing and stuff….so I know I promised you guys a plot summary of the novel that was inspired by LRRH-ers. Well, it’d be helpful if someone can tell me if I can password protect it (it would also be helpful with rants). If you’re confused what I mean, then go to Ani Isilee’s blog. I know she has WordPress, but is there any way that I can do that with Blogger?
5. Post my brand-new Ripsnorter Review layout. Yes, it will be slightly revised, and made better than ever. Believe me you.
6. Afterwards, revise and repost my PA review on RR. Then, post this on Goodreads. w00t! w00t! (first time I used the 2007 M-W Word of the Year, seriously)
7. Must….buy….songs….from….iTunes. Yep, I’m in that phase again where I start actually getting sick of all the songs on my iPod and must purchase more songs from iTunes. Then I listen to those songs 2 billion times and then I start re-liking the other songs on my iPod. (wow, I really sounds like a brat there; sorry! 😦 )
8. I’m setting up my Project Playlist! Yay! I’ve only friended two of y’all (Taiger, mimagirl), so if you have a Project Playlist account, e-mail me, PM me on LRRH (with your e-mail), or just comment so that I can buddy you or vice versa. More than likely, your playlist is put on private, so I can’t search you.

Also, I’ve added a new feature: at the beginning of every post, I’ve added “Song in My Head”, which sort of explains itself.

Well, since I do have a long to-do, I shall be off! Ta-ta for now!

Lots of Love,



1. Animeactress - May 1, 2008

wow. busy butterfly….and i am not kartika!!!!!!!

2. bookbutterfly - May 2, 2008

Well, you only THINK that you aren’t Kartika…mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow and soil. 😉

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