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iTunes Dilemma! April 7, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in family, music.

Okey-doke, first off, thanks to everyone who commented on my last post (coughcoughcough). Just kidding! Whatever. šŸ˜‰ I know everyone is, in fact, reading, since I got the wonderful, fantabulous (<–huh, first time I ever used that word, actually) StatCounter! Woohoo! Ahem. Anyways, as I type away, iTunes keeps popping up (goodness knows why). Maybe it’s because I am installing the new version of it. I dunno. *shrug* OK, so my point is…I’m iTunes rich. I don’t mean to sound snobby or anything (really, honest!), but people keep getting me iTunes gift cards. So last Easter, in my basket, I got from “The Bunny” a $50 gift card. LAST Easter. And I barely used half of it; to be exact, I have $32.18 left. And then in the summer of last year, my dad got some sort of giveaway thing from work, and it was a $15 iTunes gift card (ka-ching! And at that time, I don’t think I had even used my $50 gift card, so then I had $65). So on *thinks in head* Saturday, yesterday, my mom’s friend (who is super awesome!) came by and gave each of us gift cards to different places. Take a guess what she got me? $25 iTunes gift card. Yup. So, if I hadn’t used that $17.82, I would have had $100 to spend at iTunes, but now I have “only” $82.18. Crazy. *grins* šŸ˜€ Anyhow, you’re probably wondering what I used the $17.82 on. The 18 songs were:

-Nothin’ Better to Do (LeAnn Rimes; this was the single before Family came out)
-Famous in a Small Town (Miranda Lambert; the ending is fabulous)
-I Don’t Want To (Ashley Monroe, whom I would add as one of my “Amazing Artists” links, but her official site is MySpace; that’s the artist who I was talking about on LRRH in case you were wondering)
-Save the Best for Last (Vanessa Williams; the very first song I heard when I was baby, which was why I bought it)
-Oh Love (Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood; oh me gosh, EVERY COUNTRY FAN MUST BUY!!!!!!!!! especially if you like Carrie Underwood)
-But I Do Love You (LeAnn Rimes; you will see that I went into this LeAnn craze)
-Looking Through Your Eyes (LeAnn Rimes; the video is so cute, as this was a soundtrack for…*thinks* The Quest for Camelot; I lied, I thought, couldn’t remember, then had to look it up)
-Soon (LeAnn Rimes; meh…)
-Tic Toc (LeAnn Rimes; used to like it, but…kind of strange now, but I still like LeAnn’s new stuff)
-Til’ We Ain’t Strangers Any More (LeAnn Rimes and Bon Jovi; *gasp* OK, so Bon Jovi did a duet w/ the fantabulous–used it again!–Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland which was wonderful, and he did it with LeAnn Rimes and…can’t describe! YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT. I didn’t care for it at first…but now it’s ringing in my head like crazy)
-I’m Only Me When I’m With You (Taylor Swift; TS craze coming…I play this song on the guitar and it is one of my faves from her!)
-Invisible (Taylor Swift; meh…it’s ok, I love the beginning, but the song is a wee bit weak and kind of repetitive of her others songs on the album)
-A Perfectly Good Heart (Taylor Swift again; so I didn’t really care for it when I bought it, I only bought these 3 b/c they were limited edition and TS, but…now I’m really liking this song and must look up the chords to play it!)
-Santa Baby (Kellie Pickler; this was during Christmastime, and Kellie is probably the best AI contestant that didn’t win)
-Will You Dance With Me (Julianne Hough; the DWTS pro turned country singer is FANTASTIC. I can’t wait until her first album comes out! I’v heard that people who hate country listen to this.)
-Before He Cheats (a piano instrumental to the Carrie Underwood song; this was for this project; I explain here)
-Down (Miranda Lambert; me luv this song, and it scares me how much it’s like this one song I wrote–both tune and lyrics–and I didn’t even know this song when I wrote mine!)
-Love Song (Sara Bareilles; wonderful! trying to figure out the piano notes myself though)

So my questions for my lovely blogging friends are this:
1. Do you like or have heard any of the songs I mentioned above?
2. What movie do you think I will review and are you excited for it?

Lots of Love and Randomness Forever,
bookbutterfly, Editor-in-Chief of The BB Times (and TBA WordPress blog)



1. geekspawngirl - April 7, 2008

those are good songs!

2. bookbutterfly - April 7, 2008

*blushes* I actually didn’t realize that I babbled on so much. Sorry!But I absolutely love most of those songs, tree rat girl. We’ve got good taste in music! šŸ˜‰

3. Madison - April 8, 2008

I only know “Love Song.”And what I love most about The BB Times is that it’s written by the bookbutterfly herself, who’s so totally amazing that anything she has to say is worth reading. šŸ˜€

4. bookbutterfly - April 10, 2008

Aw, thank you so much! That’s so great to hear that. It’s great to know that you like what I write. šŸ˜€

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