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What’s New at The BB Times April 5, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in blogs and blogging, school and other academic stuff.

Ugh. Back to school after a nice long Easter vacation. If you’ve heard the song “Wake Me Up” by Norah Jones…that’s kinda how I feel. The main part is “Wake me up when it’s over/Wake me up when it’s done.” I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, so, anyways…I’m not really into the mood for Random Remixes right now. But…I thought it’d be nice to let everyone know that I’m going to do my first movie review, but it will not be on here…it will be on another blog on WordPress instead. I haven’t gotten started (and I want to ask my dad for permission before I do anything), but I will get both the blog and review done. Hopefully, it will get done tomorrow, and I will edit this post with the link to the review, but on this blog, I will set up a poll to see whether y’all like it!

I already have a blog title in mind…as well as the movie I’m reviewing! Any guesses as to what movie it will be?

Also, I shall get a Project Playlist account soon, so…if you flat out hate country, I suggest you mute your speaker. (muahahahahahaha) But it won’t be ONLY country. I will definitely throw in Anna Nalick, KT Tunstall, Michelle Branch, Jewel, Norah Jones…soft pop and good rock. And tons and tons of country. 😉 (Darn it, I wish I could use LRRH smilies here! 😦 I guess I will just have to make do. *sighs*)

Over the weekends during school, I will try to post something new everyday, since I’ve got a couple things to ramble about! 😀 But for now…

Lots of Love and Randomness Forever,

bookbutterfly, Editor-in-Chief of The BB Times and TBA blog, as well as the only person who runs this blog and TBA 😀



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