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Random Remix Pt 2 March 28, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in Kiki, tags and memes.
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Yes, I know I write long stuff, animeactress. But it’s my nature. I am a rambler. And thanks to Summermoon and anyone else who voted on my poll! I’m glad you liked the song, “Radio”. I may post another song or two soon, but I’m not too sure yet. Also, special thanks to hwalk, who finds humor in my writings. I’m still wondering…what part was funny? Was it my Shaniac conversion story? 😉 I’m not usually the one making the jokes. I’m usually the one nearly snarfing at lunch time and breaking tables because I crack up too much.

Ch. 1: Polls
OK, so I have four polls. Four. I mean, who doesn’t like polls, right? The first is about which fictional character I look like. If you think I look like another character, please comment and tell me who. The second is about which fictional character I am like personality-wise. If my personality is like a different character than the ones I put, please comment and tell me who. I can’t wait to see how these will turn out!
So I was inspired by Taiger to write about what I’m writing now. Except that I included a summary. I’m not sure what y’all think of them, so please vote on my poll. Put it this way: all nine of those titles are on a bookshelf. Which story sounds most appealing to you that you would pick it up, take it to the counter, and buy it? Also, I’m stuck on whether to do a book, movie, or CD review. Any guesses as to what book I would review? Or movie? Or CD?

Ch. 2: Tags
I am pleased to say that my “Crazy Kid” tag game is going fine. I’ve been reading them on our friends’ blogs, and I find them hilarious, crazy, amusing, terrific. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping them alive!

Ch. 3: Kiki Update
Kiki’s case of Doggy Depression lifted. Hurray! So we like to do voice-overs for her–with an English Cockney accent. It’s quite cute, actually. So here was the scene: late afternoon at my house. I’m lying down on the carpet, rather bored, and Kiki decides to lay down right next to me, with her whole fuzzy right arm over mine. And a random thought occurred…
Me: Kiki, are there any vulgarities in your language of Doggish? (I had to repeat this several times, since the voice-over didn’t get the cue. I got louder and louder and louder each time.)
Kiki: Oh, yes, we do.
Me: What kind of vulgarities?
Kiki: Oh, well, you know how when you put someone down, you refer to them as a dog? Well, we do the same about humans.
Me: Er, what do you mean?
Kiki: Well, if we don’t like someone, we say, “YOU SON OF A HUMAN!!!!!!!”
Me: (cracking up so much that I roll around on the floor) An S.O.H.!
(Kiki then gets up, alarmed. My mouth is open laughing, and then the dog snorts, well, snorts doggy saliva spray.)
Me: AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (continues to scream like Lucy van Pelt from Peanuts, runs to the bathroom, spits out in the sink, rinses mouth) HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!!! CARBON DIOXIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (commences with a random spurt, then goes to tell my dad the foresaid event, while cracking up the whole time. Afterwards, I bring out one of Kiki’s mats, have her “roll” on it, and wrap her up. I called it an egg roll. Then my dad called it a “perro burrito”.)
So that was my random day. *sighs* And then I went to play guitar and my fingers were hurting when I typed up some Spanish homework even after 2 or 3 hours later.

What a good day. 😀

Lots of Love and Randomness,

PS: How do y’all like the video of the week? 🙂



1. Animeactress - March 28, 2008

haha! broke a table. i remember that. not to mention nearly falling off. haha! good times.

2. bookbutterfly - March 28, 2008

We’ll probably end up doing that again on Monday. With help from our dear friends, Tesstarosa and i-am-cow. 😀

3. Spider - March 29, 2008

*giggles* Son of a Human!!! *vows to use that next time she needs to insult someone*

4. Merissa - April 2, 2008

*rolls eyes in amusement* Why do I roll my eyes when I’m amused? I have no idea. Anyway, Bookbutterfly, I said that you looked like someone else on your poll. You do. It’s just, I can’t figure out who. 🙄 I guess I’ll just say you look like you. 😉

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