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Random Remix Pt 1 March 26, 2008

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First off, I’d like to thank everyone who read my review, took my poll, and/or left comments. I hope you enjoyed it, and expect more to come. πŸ˜€ By the way, did anyone try what I like to call “Spoiler Q” (named after our genius friend), the thing where you highlight the spoilers and the lettering comes out? When I first tried it right after I posted, I LOVED IT. Very awesome, Q! Also, I wish a Happy Late Easter to everyone! Hope your Sunday was joyful and peaceful!!!!!!!!

Ch 1: What in the eck is Random Remix?
RR, as I call it, is basically random stuff in my life. B/c everyone’s life is random, right?

Ch. 2: Did you just say “eck”?
Yes, I did. I have a handy-dandy dictionary of BBian words:

cheese: (cheez) not the food, but a replacement of the word “sheesh”
eck: (ehk) same meaning as a word with those 3 letters but you add “h” to the beginning
eked: (ee-k-t) same meaning as “freaked”; so when I saw “eked out” it means the same as “freaked out”
tuppid: (tup-pid) same meaning as the word with the same spelling, except delete the extra “p” and add “s” to the beginning

Ch. 3: Shaniac Conversion Story
As promised in my PA review, I would tell how I found out about Shannon Hale. It was in the year of 2005. I was hungry for another book to buy (as usual) in those Scholastic Catalogues from school. I looked over one book…the title was…Princess Academy! I briefly read the summary. I didn’t really get it, something about tutoring princesses, I guess. I dismissed it and thought it was one of those Disney books that was for 8-year-olds. (The pastel cover fooled me, you see.) Two years pass…my mom assigned me articles to read that summer from Newsweek, one of my favorites being one about Jane Austen. They mentioned something about a book called Austenland or other, something about a lady obsessed with the Colin Firth Mr. Darcy. Sounded funny, but it was an adult book. I didn’t put two and two together. A few months pass…I was bookshopping on Amazon like crazy, and then they recommended me several books. Princess Academy, one of them read. A little bell rang in my head, but the cover looked…different. It was darker, had just one girl on it. And I clicked on it, and read the summary. It sounded intriguing, so I added it to my ever-growing wishlist. I wanted to see what other books the author of PA had written, so I looked it up. They all sounded so good, so I immediately added them. A few weeks later, we were going to our fun trips to B&N. I conjured up a list of books on a Post-it, and…couldn’t find any of them (I was in the Kids’ Section). Except one: PA. And that’s how it all began……..

Ch. 4: Crazy Things I Did As a Kid
So, I’m going to start my own tagging game.

Tagged by: Me
1. Follow this format
2. Copy/Paste the rules
3. State who tagged you and add a link to their blog
4. Write 5 crazy things you did as a little kid
5. Tag 5 people

Crazy Things:
1. I was convinced that I had made up the word “important” and I loved that word
2. I almost electricuted myself when I stuck my mom’s tweezers into an electrical outlet
3. I “songwrote” at the age of 3; I watched my mom sing to instrumentals, and I thought she made them up, so I thought I’d be cool and do the same thing. Except that my mom sang words to a real song, and I sang….words to an unknown song
4. The reason why I write with the pen/pencil leaning on my forefinger instead of my middle is b/c I got confused with the fingering when I would watch my parents write. I mistakened the middle for the fore.
5. When I was little, I’d tell my parents “I’m hungry” when I really meant “I’m bored”.

I tag: animeactress, Summermoon, Leanna, Taiger, and Anilee.

Ch. 5: Miri Braids
You’re probably thinking, now what’s she going to say next? You’ve probably already realized that I’m just like Miri. So I wear braids like Miri to school. And people copy me. And they don’t get it. The end. πŸ˜‰

Ch. 6: Doggy Depression
No, no, not REAL depression. She’s just upset for no reason at all. She won’t eat. She won’t do the usual (ahem). She just sits there on her bed, just giving me a funny look with those HUGE eyes of hers. Too bad dogs can’t talk. 😦

Ch. 7: What’s up with all those artists and videos on the side? And what does CI mean?
Those artists are my favorite singers and bands. I invite anyone to check them out, and, if you do happen to like them, I have included their current singles. Not all singles have videos to them, but I have included at least the song (with help from YouTube). “CI” means “currently inactive”, meaning that the artist doesn’t have any new stuff from this year. I will also have a Video of the Week. The VotW will always be one of my favorites, so look for it every week!

Ch. 8: Future Reviews
I know, my name is bookbutterfly. But it doesn’t mean that I will just have book reviews. I’m not sure whether I should review a book or a movie next (I will eventually do them both), but I’m wondering what you guys want: a book or movie? Also, later this week, I’m thinking of doing a CD review, so expect another new outline soon!

Ch. 9: Country Heart
“Country Heart”, or CH, is my writing “company”. No, not a real company, just one that I made up. I have a logo and all that, which I’ll show later. But I know that several of you have been wanting to read my songs. I’m sure you all know this one:
(verse 1)
Everyone feels it now and then
Those times when you wanna hide in a den
You’ll wonder how’d I get here, how?
Here’s the facts, I’m gonna tell you now

When your heart is broken, you really shatter
When you cry, it feels like rain going a-patter
And when you feel that shot of pain
You know you’re hurt, oh, everytime you’re hurt

(verse 2)
Try to run away from that tornado
Never be your friend, always your foe
Sure, ther are ways to stow it away
Maybe just for a day


Hurt may break you down, now
But what it don’t will build you up


Everyone feels it now and then
Those times you wanna hide…
Ooh, you know you’re hurt…

The next is one of my favorites. (It has guitar chords to it, which I’ll post another time) Obviously, it is NOT based on experience (the only one that really has is “Hurt”). I based it off of Taylor Swift’s “Our Song”. (I’ll include the video for these songs at the bottom) Can you guess the meaning?
(verse 1)
I sat down, my favorite pencil at hand
While dreaming of having my very own band
Before I know it, words and music are at my fingertips
And I’m singing it along my lips
He looks it over, he’s singing it, too
And he says,

(chorus 1)
I’ll be sitting here in this kitchen
While you go tourin’ cross-country, and I’m all alone
I’ll be searching among all that staticky din
For your voice of an angel on the radio, yeah

(verse 2)
Everyone chases their dreams for awhile
Go our different ways, our own miles
Platinum albums, tour buses, too many broken hearts to mend
My microphone is my only loyal friend

(chorus 2)
I just wanna sit in my old kitchen
Instead of touring cross-country all alone
I’ll search among all that staticky din
For his voice of an angel on the radio
Radio, oh, yeah

After another Nashville concert, same old, same old
Why do people treat my name like gold?
Heard that voice of an angel say, “Look like you doin’ well”
I saw him right there, next thing you know, them wedding bells

(chorus 3)
So when we’re in our 100s, we’ll sit in this kitchen
While our great-granddaughter is touring cross-country, not so alone
We’ll search among all that staticky din
For her voice of an angel, oh, for her voice of an angel, oh for her voice of an angel, on the radio, oh, oh, yeah

Ch. 10: Dancing With the Stars
Does anyone watch this show? I do!!!!! If you do, who are you rooting for, and who do you think will win? I love how they’ve brought REAL stars on the show, not ones that you’ve never heard of.



1. Summermoon - March 26, 2008

I like your song ‘Radio’! It is realy good.

2. bookbutterfly - March 27, 2008

Oh, thanks! I’m afraid it’s going to be the only good one that you’ll see. I guess that’s why it’s my favorite. πŸ˜€

3. Animeactress - March 27, 2008

wow that alote of stuff! XD

4. hwalk - March 27, 2008

You are hilarious. And I love “How I found Shannon Hale” stories. It makes me feel like we’re all in a special group together. I guess we are all converted.

5. bookbutterfly - March 27, 2008

anime: I know. Well, I’m infamous for being a rambler. ;)hwalk: Hey there! Yeah, we are all “converted”. πŸ˜€ And thanks for calling me hilarious. That might actually be a first, since I’m not usually the funny one. What part was funny to you, by the way? πŸ™‚

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