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The 101 and 411 on BB Reviews March 21, 2008

Posted by bookbutterfly in books.

OK, so maybe tomorrow or so I will be posting my very first review (which is still sort of in the works….and it is still a secret as to what it will be!). The thing is, my reviews are going to be a bit more elaborate than a brief summary and what I thought of it. This is a brief sketch of the layout:

BOOK TITLE by Author Name (there will be a picture of the book cover on the side)

Summary: I’m going to be doing a whole summary of the book, and will include
spoilers with a warning like above. The font will be slightly smaller, and I will put up the spoiler alert when I am speaking of a total give-away of the story.

BB Beliefs: This is the part where I talk about how much I loved, liked, or hated the book. My personal opinions go here. ‘Nuff said, right?

Experiences: This is probably a vague title for this section, but it basically means how I found out about the book and how much I, or other readers, can relate to it.

Age: This means, basically, not only what age it is appropriate for, but what age would enjoy this book.

Author Biography: I thought I’d be a little schnazzy and add an author bio. It might be repetitive, b/c I will probably do same authors many times (hint hint…)

Awards: This is the stuff you can probably find on Google, Wikipedia, or on the author’s site, but it will look neat if I really liked the book AND it turns out it is critically acclaimed, right?

Flowers: Butterflies like flowers, right? And LOTS of them, too! So a BOOKbutterfly would love novels with more flowers. This is my schnazzy rating system from 0-10 (though I don’t think I’d give anything a 0…of course there was one book, but that’s another story and I don’t want to review it). Anything that qualifies as 10 flowers goes under the “Favorite Books” shelf on Goodreads.

Please let me know if this is too complicated for everyone, because I want my reviews to be enjoyable! Also, check out my poll and Goodreads account! Note to my dear friends who do not have a blog nor a Blogger account: you may now post freely on here, but please state your name so I know who is responding! (Am I asking too much?)

Lots of Love,
bookbutterfly 😀



1. Felicity - March 21, 2008

I like your system.

2. bookbutterfly - March 21, 2008

Thanks! I wasn’t too sure whether it’s too complicated or not. 😉

3. Animeactress - March 22, 2008


4. Leanna - March 22, 2008

Yeah, I really like this system. It’s very creative. 🙂

5. Q - March 22, 2008

For spoilers you could also make the text white so people would have to highlight it to read it.

6. Aren of Taiger - March 22, 2008

^ that’s a good idea, Q. It makes me feel like a secret agent when sites do that. :DI like your review format. It fun. 🙂

7. Summermoon - March 22, 2008

Sounds great! I love your system. It is so organised.

8. Bohae - March 22, 2008

Ooh – looks good! Very creative and fun. 😀

9. cuileann - March 22, 2008

Schnazzy indeed. :)I’m a fan of method by which you have to highlight the spoilers to read them, too.

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